So this is my template I use in OneNote on a daily basis to keep track of all my habits, fill it out I’ve done any of them but also to remind myself it there is anything I’m supposed to do. I use it both on my phone through the OneNote app, but also through the web browser on my work computer.

I actually have a habit itself tied to filling this baby out; as soon as I step on the train (The Que) on my way home from work, I make sure to fill out everything I can (the routine), and as a reward I get to check my (personal) Mail and check my messenger. Works like a charm, and it becomes a sport to get as many smiles as possible!

THE HOLY HABITS AND GOALS LIST Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Overall COMMENTS:
(2) Amount of sleep  [pwr naps]
(2) Health status
( 1) Dream logg
 (1) Gratefullness
(1) What am I enthustiastic about?
(1) What good deed could I make today?
(1) How could I be funny today?
(2) Walk > 30min 
(2) Strength Workout /Cardio 
(3) Klämfri
(4) Something I did yesterday I could have done better?
(4) Morning conditioning / meditation
(4) 2 important goals
(4) Something that MUST HAPPEN today? (Put it in calender)
(4) How will I work productivly today?
(7) Top moments of the day
(7) Listen to music that made me happy
(5) What will I create today?
(5) New Ideas & oppertunities
(2) Group training
(2) Eating Controll 
(2) Sweet stuff I’ve eaten today – or other junk
(2) Fasting > 14 hrs
(2) Free from bad stress 
(2) Two Squats every toilet visit
(2) Standing by desk
(1) Been Outdoors < 30 min 
(1) Free from obvious lies

  • To myself and others
(1) Integrity – I’ve done what I said I would do
(1) Active Positive thinking 
(3) Talked to family
(3) Social interactions that stood out:

    • What happened
    • What did I think
    • How  did I act
    • How did i feel
    • How could I improve
(3) Meet with friends outside work
(4) Read/listend to a book < 30 min
Things I’ve done well today


(4) I was true to myself and acted as my ideal self-image would have done
(4) I pushed my self out of my comfort zone
(4) Journaled
(4) Distractions that happened today
(4) General Learnings & Reflections
Rate in terms of FEELINGS (1-10)


Rate in terms of PRODUCTIVITY
 Sign of


 Specific week GOALS
(1) Spiritual
(2) Health & Wellbeing
 (3) Social
(4) Personal development
(5) Business
(6) Financial
(7) FUN