What My YouTube-Channel is about:

To guide and inspire people to become the best versions of themselves trough simple and practical weekly challenges based on expert’s advices within different personal development areas.

– We support and push each other, and we grow together.

My purpose is to guide, help and inspire people that want to become the best versions of themselves, but always seem to struggle in finding a way to practically implement and in a consistent and effective way make that personal development journey. Me being that person, and so I created this as a result of that, and my aim is to make this as practical, fun and as easy as it can be. Even though It won’t always be.

I do this through new weekly challenges every week, challenges that are based on the experts advises in the respective personal development areas like Social skills, productivity, self-confidence and self-esteem, charisma. My goal is to identify the key things that make for the biggest change, if you’ve heard of the Pareto principle; 20% of the things you do make up for 80% of the result. If necessary I then adapt or tweak the expert’s advices to fit my weekly challenge template, which is designed to be an easy and effective template to follow in order to have a great time/energy to output ratio. The framework is supposed to make us develop the skills, mind-sets and capabilities necessary. The framework is meant to give clarity and ease.

I want you to see this personal development journey as a game – The game of life – all these small things you do are little quests in your everyday life, that will gain you points and in the end of the week, if you judge it to be a success, level up.

The framework I use for the weekly challenges:

The What: What skill or ability will you gain if we do this challenge; the outcome

The Why: Why is this important to you; why must you, why can you and why will it benefit you to reach this outcome.

The How: What are the weekly and daily objectives that you need to do in order to reach the wanted outcome. Having a clear game plan is key, when you start to play the game, it should be action and not thinking about what you should do. This game plan is what the experts in the current weekly challenge has recommended us to do. We model the people that know there are, we look to the experts.

Social accountability: Making a commitment to anyone will dramatically increase your chances of following through on your challenge, so commit to me in the comments or to any person you may now. Tell them you’ll check in on Friday and confirm that you’ve done it.

The evaluation:

( this is things I would like to implement, but I think it will be too much at this state)

Starting of: Before starting the challenge, we need to evaluate ourselves and the current state, to be able to measure if it actually made any difference.  Quick and easy: I will choose three areas relevant for the challenge at hand that we will as objectively possible rate ourselves at. Like, self-confidence, handling stress, being comfortable around people I don’t know. Then on the Friday, during the evaluation, we just rate ourselves again to see if any change has been reached.

We reflect upon the week, we chose three highlights and insights we’ve gained and also three things we would do differently if we’d do the challenge again.

Also, what’s important is to not just leave a challenge with a follow up plan. Implementing some kind of routine or habit for making our new learnings stay with us. Or we can decide to make the same challenge the next week as well, taking with us our evaluation.