So I’m going to be starting daily blogging for january to see how that works out for me! I do this to improve my writing skills, but also to share thoughts I don’t always to include in my videos.

As I talked about in the livestream, Instead of focusing in on big grandiosa 2018 goals, Im’m going to work with monthly habit implementation challenges. Habits that aligns with my, values believes and goals. And evaulate the result of them it after 30 days.

The idea is that by focusing in on the habtis that supports the process of reaching those higher goals, the result will be much greater. And easeir to meassure, evauluate and tweak. It’s more about the process, beacuse the actual  end goal seldom is worth any in itself. It’s about the person you become in the process.


But so, as for right now, the first 30 day habits I’ll implement will be:

The key is to just start the habit and do the minimum I’ve specifed, usually I’ll do more once I’m going!

January Month challenge


  • 3 min medi a day


  • directly after I’ve eaten something, write it up in the Lifesum app
  • Follow the Not-buy-Food-list (trigger foods for my overeating)

Area 3: Social

  • Say hi to at least one random girl a day
  • Talk/text with at least one friend a day
  • Meet with one friend a week

Area 4: Personal development

  • read listen to a book for 5 min daily

Area 5: Business / Career

  • Blogg daily
  • 3 minutes of writing down thought on the company I’m going to start before 21st of march 2018


  • read one financial article a day

Area 7: Fun things

  • Watch one funny standup sketch a day

But so the challenge for next week will be, except for starting to implement these habits, to define and find “my why” with the help of simon Sineks content, or in particular this book:

2017-11-19 – Life Justice 

I LOVE LIFE! woke up about a 30 min ago, I feel great, just great, The past week’s dive into the topic of self-criticism, self-love, loneliness, being vulnerable – it’s really starting to pay off.  Today the next step in on this journey will be posted, ”being your true self” .

Working on the details still, shot the movie yesterday just before running of to the cinema with my little brother. Justice League. It’s funny, but the movie acted as fuel on my excitement to life. Because when it was over, I felt the hungriest on life I’ve felt in some time. A lot of things and details I’d like to discuss – but I’ll save that for later. just setting the scene. The mood. The gist of it is spoken through my new daily morning ritual, writing down WHY HOW AND WHAT living this life means to me.

  • Today I’m going to show the world, the people, ALL THE PEOPLE, my true self. It will be scary, it will feel like unknown territory, but the reward is far greater than the price. And it can only be done by me, by being conscious and aware so I chose the actions that aligns with my true identity. Then, I’m sure of it, I will be living and experiences toons and toons of great little moments every day, called life.


Qick post today. Been a nice sunday, out trying to get some interviews on the topic of loneliness. Same as I did yesterday, but a much better strategy, or location, today. Had really fun with it – you’ll see the results in the week!

Here comes the weekend’s score on my “goal Habits”


Been trying to do my weekly evaluation now for 3 hours, it goes slow, because I keep flowing aways to the small things I encounter as non-finsihed or ideas that pop up as a result of the evaluation. Still, I feel good, I feel quite at peace. The live evaluation and the theme of self-love really has worked it’s magic. I’m trying to figure out next week’s challenge, and I’ve got some ideas on how to go about it. Thinking a facing fear challenge that alligns with this self-love thing – going otut interviewgin people about their relationship with themselves. We’ll see.. It feels like something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, it could also work with this thing I found, which might be the next week’s challenge, Any how, let’s get back to evaluate the week and look over my goals!