No, I’m not religious. i’ve just experienced a relgiously intense DEEP WORK DAY.

This January month I’ve decided to dedicate one week at the time to a productivity book, and first out is DEEP WORK, by Cal Newport. I can’t go into the details now since I have to go to bed in… Well, I should already be in bed! But the basic idea is simple, you should remove all distractions and only focus on one task at the time. Nothing new really, but the book sold me on the concept with a great WHY, and explained the scientific angle of it. Which often gets me sold when it comes to doing something new. I’ll put a link to the audiobook and a summary down below.

Anyways, I tried it out today, and I’ve been at it since 6,30 this morning, minus 1,5 hour workout and 1-hour cooking food and eating. But, that still leaves me with a ton of devoted DEEP WORK time, as the clock just turned 21,22 No multitasking, just pure focus. Now it for sure has helped that I’ve been doing editing and not math for instance, but I got to another level of connection to it as I wasn’t doing anything else like I usually do. Check out the result on My youtube channel.

Looking forward to implementing these principles at work this week!

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer ( yeah I did put in some fear facing at the gym, don’t think I forgot about it;)! )


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