Does drinking give you more then it cost you?

So I kind of stopped drinking like 1+ year ago, due to health reasons and that I hate being hangover. I get nothing done and instead I just eat, eat and then eat some more. Between tackling some anxiety filled thoughts that have no particular logic for existing.

But so turning thirty I ended up throwing a party and felt like having some. Mostly to prove myself wrong – maybe I’ve overexaggerated how bad I get from drinking.

So I ended up having 1-2 glasses of wine, a cider and a tiny whiskey. In terms of feeling drunk – it really didn’t do much for me. I had a blast and was in a great mood, but I easily could have gone there without the alcohol.

However, that was 2 days ago, and I still feel like shit. A headache, groggy, no sense of willpower or discipline, and find myself just feeling sluggish and dead inside. I NEVER feel bad otherwise. I barely know what a headache is. Now I for sure had my wildlife growing up, but today I see no way of justifying drinking.

For me, growing my self-esteem has made me enjoy myself and social gatherings much more than alcohol ever did. Although I can miss how it made me more relaxed when dancing, that’s also the only thing. Good thing I got a salsa course as a gift so I totally can destroy the need for having a drink!

What’s your take on this – is it just my body that is super sensitive?



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