2019 is going to be the year I’ve decided to experience so many NEW things. All categories. I firmly believe that breaking your old way of living, variation, change, call it whatever is SO IMPORTANT.
Pushing yourself to try new things will result in new perspectives, experiences and memories. No matter if the new thing you try will result in a good or bad experience. If it’s good then you’ve expanded your way of what brings you joy and happiness in life. And if it’s bad you’ll come to appreciate the things you enjoy even more. And there are many more layers to it.
AND remember, the small things are just as important, if not greater, than the big things. Because if you’ll start adopting the trying-new-small-things-daily-behaviour. You’ll start to embrace a new mindset. And with that comes the potential for real sustainable change.
I’m starting this day out with listening to Chinese Men after a tip from a guy I met at the New Years party yesterday. Totally New sound for me. AND I LOVE IT. What New things are you doing today, tomorrow, this year?

Starting a 30-day-daily-blog-challenge too. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE CHALLENGES? Number one thing that drives my growth.

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