Fear Rewawards.

Today’s fear facing: I went on 4 dates with a girl just before Christmas. She was really nice! But perhaps I was a bit off towards the end. Having a really intense period at work and as usual, my workaholic tendency got the best of me. Anyways, she never replied to my messages after Christmas, and I’ve been wondering why – why? So today I mustered up again and wrote another text telling her I’d appreciate if she could give me an explanation. And this time she actually did reply, and finally, I could get closure. You have no idea how nice that made me feel. I have a hard time letting things go if it’s not done in a good way. Free! All thanks to some fear facing. If you want to know what the text said, check out this Sunday vid.

Today’s fail-learning: I’ve already used this once this week, but today the implication of the fail got strengthened. I was so ready to ask the gym girl I’ve been talking about out today. BUT, she wasn’t there this morning. DAMN YOU (ME)! Filled with disappointment for not having done it earlier in the week when I had the chance, I seriously felt I’d let myself down. The good thing with it hurting some, is that we have a great opportunity to learn for real. We remember the consequence of doing what we did. A clear reference case to look back at for similar situations. Because if it hurt badly enough, we remember to do so whether we want to or not. That is if we really reflect upon what happened and how an ideal scenario, or at least a better one, should have played out. Planning a new strategy for successful execution the next time the opportunity shows it self.

Today’s New thing: I bought eggs again. I’ve been vegan-shopping since this summer. Today I made a conscious decision to allow myself only to buy eggs again on weekends. Has to do with the book Dirty genes I’m reading. Too tired to go into the details now, but, it feels a bit like I’ve cheated on myself.

Sleep well:)

By the way, can’t keep my eyes oopen anymore, so I’m not even going to readd through this text, as I know it usally adds another 15 minute to the post… CAN’T TAKE THAT RIGHT NOW! I’m lazy.


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