Starting the day off in the Right Fear Way

07:39: Hahah…. Once again I can’t help not laughing myself into a blog post. It’s when I  surprise myself like this I can’t hold my feelings back. Starting the day off in just the right way.

– Treadmill dare

Yeah, nothing big or fancy. Woke up at 05.00. Worked for an hour. Went down for an easy walk. Was gonna read some. Then again… The idea of challenging myself for the same run I did a week ago popped up. And once it was out there… Well:).

So I did. 5 km as fast as I Could. Not going below 13 km/h. GOT DAMN IT WAS AWFUL. I just wanted to quit from the moment I started. Or well I also got so psyched and pumped that if a cocktail of mixed emotions. Dopamine. Adrenaline. Joy, pain, fear of enduring this for any loner, fear of letting myself down. I listened to some motivational Youtube videos that for sure helpt pumping me up. But I did it. I f*cking did it.  22:46 is the time to beat. Assuming the treadmill is measuring the distance right.

Now the time in itself doesn’t mean shit. It’s how I FELT pushing through that matters. This is always on an individual level.

BUT, the BONUS FEAR action that came as a result of my joy trip came when I went outside the gym. The first person I met, just like the other week, I stopped. It was a woman in her 30’s walking with earphones lost in her own world.

“excuse me”

I said, and she stoped and took her earphones out

“Can i just wish you a great day”

I said with a huge grin.

“haha, sure”

She responded and smiled back.

That was the start of my awesome day. And even though I know it’s going to continue being a great one, if, just IF it happens to turns shitty. I’m still going to remember this as a good one.

Whish you all a great uncomfortable day, Fear Facers,


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