This was a tough one.

I keep telling myself ‘Failing is great, that’s how you learn”. But in reality, I often play it too safe and are quite unfamiliar with fails that’s delivered from external persons. At least in a work context. Not today though.

Today’s fail-learn:
So a part of my work role includes content creation like making videos, among other things. That means I have to step out of my own personality and into the companies when I create content. Adjust it to the context and the people it’s meant for. At that point, I failed with a video I posted last Friday. And today I received the notice of that. It wasn’t appreciated as it was seen as way too ‘unprofessional’. Looking at it again with fresh eyes, I totally agree. I got caught with a theme and got tunnel-visioned. I still hurt though. Bad. The emotions within just kept expanding in a very unpleasant way after I got the message.

I know I can’t be this reactive to feedback. I can’t let a thing like this impact me for hours and hours. Because if it does, it’s a fail for real. I have to objectively look at what went wrong, concretize the learnings and then move on with them. It’s my responsibility as a human being, with a drive for a great life, to do that. To use it as a source of motivation and an opportunity to level up.

But it’s bigger than the specific fail itself. If you let it get to you, you’ll start fearing fails in other life areas too. You’ll start to play it safe. It will become an emotional scar you will try to protect yourself from repeating. You, I, want to learn how to balance just on the edge of overstepping it. But to do that, you first need to know where the edge lies. The thing is, it’s not static. It’s constantly going to move around, and in some areas you’ll have a better feel for it than in other. This means you just have to get used to once and a while failing some. And this message is aimed mostly to myself. Because if I don’t practice what I preach, it makes me a hypocrite. And I wont accept that fail.

Either way, today sucked at one time, now I honestly feel good for the lesson and this whole reflection it made me go through. Thanks, past fail-Alex.

Today’s Fear facing: Excluding the actions that followed as a result of what I just wrote, I also had a nice interaction with Birgitte and her dog Ajax on my way home. I knew that the best way to shake off the last bit of fail-feeling, was to face some fears and connect with a stranger. Always makes me smile and drasticly changes my mood.

Today’s new thing: Tried a new caffeine-free tea from one of my favourite brands. It was awesome! Not so awesome when I spilld half of the cup into the keyboard though…

Have a nice evening, fear facer,


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