What to do, what do do?

Routine #3 –  Daily Fear Facing

– what could I do, what could I do…

I’ve been so up in my own world the whole day, thinking about the theory of fears, that I actually didn’t get down to facing any! UNitll I had to run out just no to return a book. One of those days where a low hanging fruit is okay. So much stuff going on. Decided to interact with some stranger. one past after the other. Couldn’t seem to find the opportunity, the right opportunity. 100 meters left until I was back home again. Walked past a girl, upper 20’s . She had a really cool style, unique jacket, cool glasses and colours that popped yet matched in a way that really spoke to me. I past her. I PAST HER. No Alex, no. I stopped. Turned back and without hesitation approached told her just that. She smiled and was happy. Seemed happy. I was happy. Daily fear facing – check.

Routine #2 – New thing:

– a banana for you my friend 

As a result of a great TED-talk I saw the other week, I’ve been trying to get some random acts of kindness in daily. Mostly around the home concerning my brother. But as I was walking home with a backpack filled with bananas after a quick grocery store pit stop, an opportunity emerged. Walked by a homeless man. Instinctively the idea popped up. Stopped. Gave him a banana. Nothing special. But the warm smile that man gave me just filled me up.  Top moment of the day. It’s about the small things.

Routine #3 – Daily Fail:

– presentation

Thought I had it in order by now.  Did a practice run. Failed it. Still so many doubts about what should go in the presentation. 45 min is a long time to talk. But the fail made me go through yet another iteration process.

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


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