Yet another fear facing Sunday!

Routine #1 – Daily fear facing:

 – Ops, I did it again

Went for another gymnastic dance group thingy at my gym. The same as last Sunday. Just as then, I tried to come up with logic and convincing enough stories for not doing it. In the end, I won and decided to join 5 minutes before it started. Again, the main argument was that it wasn’t a tough enough workout for me.

I really enjoyed it, and I managed to stay much more relaxed and not care what others thought of my sometimes crazily uncoordinated moves. For sure was one of my top moments of the day. Just Being immersed in myself and the movements during the dance/gymnastics class


Routine #2 – New thing:

 – Team Work

Did a joint edit together with my friend for a project, interesting, fun and effective!


Not much writing today, been editing for 15 hours! Finally ready, and ready for bed 🙂

See you tomorrow:)


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