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I wanna shortly touch upon how I work with my routines… I’ll update late, for now I’m just using this blog as a tool – the power of social commitment to put up today’s fear challenges:

Today’s fear facing challenges:

  • Track everything I’m eating. Last week has just gone overboard with the eating in the evening. Lost all sense of control. Taking some of it back tonight, just by writing it down. Not limiting myself in the amount, but by being real with my self and transparent, I know it will help me get caught in the reactive mood.
  • No Facebook, social media or other web pages or apps that don’t add any value to what I want to accomplish today!



…Fuck the routine talk. I’ve had some deep talk with a friend of mine over lunch that made me realize I REALLY need to take time and sit down to figure things out. What the fuck do I want out of life, and how will I get it, THat’s gonna be next week’s challenge. Going up at 04.30 at assigning the first hour solely to figuring this out. I need this, so I need how to focus my fear facing actions.

By the way, I went for an awesome bike ride and check on the other two things as well. Right now I’m debating with myself concerning going to a party tonight or not.  I know there are good reasons for why I should, but the alternative cost is also great – want to finish edit my video.



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