Social pushes for the win

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Have a lot I’d like to speak of, but too much work to do! But a lot of social fear facing today in different constellations. One particular – asked two persons for hugs on two different occasions. Physical Intimitsey among  people is so powerful. But it’s a bit uncomfortable when there are people that are just starting to get on that level of friendship – hence the fear facing.

The social pushes overall just pay off so much, both long-term and short-term, in so many ways; happiness, opportunities, social confidence, self-esteem ( when you stand up for yourself and express who you really are), and so much more! As I wrote yesterday, need to make sure that I do what I the same time fear the most.

Routine #2 – New thing

I spontaneously threw myself into a spinning session this morning. Haven’t been in one for at least 1,5 year. Man is it a kick being in a dark room sweating like a pig, pushing yourself hard. I get into this meditative subconscious state that is hard to describe. Naked, pure, REAL!  I challenged myself to a real finisher fear at the end of the session to “okay Alex, dare to give it your all now!” For sure made me feel alive.

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

I’ve failed to plan. I have SO many things going on the coming two weeks, don’t know how to make it all happen. Have to make sure not to put myself into this situation. Good thing it’s a lot of exciting things. Still.

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


Don’t self-sabotage your life

What a great, great, great day!

Yesterday I stayed isolated and barely talked to anyone. It was the result of work focus and fasting. Left me feeling a bit, well not like I had a great day at least. But I got so much work done! Balance Alex, balance.

Today, I decided to do the opposite. At least social wise (broke my fast at lunch and it didn’t impact me as much). Picked a desk more centrally located (we have an open workspace where you can sit wherever you want). This is a fear for me. I Like having my own private space. Like it a bit too much. But when the opportunities are there, it’s harder to avoid them. Adapt your surrounding to support what it is that you seek. Whether it’s training, food or social life.

Pushed myself time over time to interact and socialize. And yes, as I’ve already spoiled it – had a GREAT DAY. … AND I got a lot of work done. I really need to look out for how I’m self-sabotaging my life.

What are you doing that isn’t benefiting you?

Was in such a good mod on my walk home that I impulsively stopped a very beautiful girl and told her just that

“excuse me, I just have to tell you that you are very beautiful”

“Oh, thank you!”

She said a bit surprised. And I quickly replied

” Have a nice day !”

She smiled and I walked away.

Had another fear EXCITING fear facing moment I won’t tell you about, as it’ll spoil my Sunday video;)!

More to it, I pushed myself to have a really serious and tough conversation with a person. For sure the toughest moment of the day, but felt so proud for doing it.

I’m telling you, don’t shade away from these important conversations you really should have. It’s a game changer.


Routine #2 – New thing

 Ops, have to make something happen this evening! What shall I do…


Routine #3 – The fail

Fail of the day: Broke my glass food lunch box! That sucked. Learning, don’t be so clumsy. I had it coming as I was carrying it in a very risky way.

See you tomorrow, Fear Facers,



Got a ton of work to do, so I’ll just let Fridays fears speak for today’s as well:)

Or, well… I did face some fears today too. It’s been a very special day. did a twenty hour fast. Shouldn’t do that when I need to be social. Had a conversation I needed to have with a person that I really had to build up to. In the end, did it, and felt really good for doing so.

But I have to tell you… Doing a fast like this, and the ending it with a big cup of green tea just before throwing yourself into a  killer workout. Man. It’s like your a hunter out there in the Savana looking to score. Seriously. Your tunnel vision is out of your world. Adrenaline. Goal-focused. But totally stupid and not capable of holding conversations.

That was the fail of the day… The inability of speaking in a good way due to the fast. Learning – need to choose my fasts ( is that the right word?) better. New thing, did my 5-minute meditation in the shower. Nice.

See you tomorrow, Fear facer,


I’m back!

Haha… I think it’s not my awesome morning mood that’s playing me now ( I’m always ACING my mornings ). How? Great routines; journaling, self-motivational talk, reflecting on what I want to accomplish with my day, great music and great workouts. A cup of tea.

This morning I had an epic 5 km run on the treadmill. Challenged me on a fear run, no slower then 13,1 km/hr. End time 22,16. Then I joined a gymnastic jump-around-and-dance-some-class for 30 minutes before finishing it off with some core and listening to one of my go-to videos when I feel lost. My man Casey.

AND in the spirit of my awesome mood, on my way back to the apartment, I stopped the first people I met. An old man and his lady that looked a bit upper class.

“Excuse me?”

“yes?” they said simultaneously.

“May I just wish you a great day?”

They looked very surprised for a millisecond before booth shining up with a big smile.

“off course! Thank you! Same to you”

It’s going to be a great day. After all, the video reminded me that I’m blessed to have found my calling. Inspire people to go out there and grab those fears by the horn and just -BOM. And doing so by showing, not telling. But I’ve got a ton left to learn. Hence I need to find a good way of sharing this journey. Finding out how to make this something that actually adds value to the world.

And I need to find a better way of making it a bigger part of my life in a sustainable way. But I’m in it for the long haul, and I’m going to make sure to enjoy the journey. The negative conscious and subconscious self-talk, judging myself “People think so wired of me for doing this. Am I wired? “. Questioning my own special route in life. That has to go. I need to embrace my path. Stand for it. And I know it’s not perfect, far from. But as long as I keep working on getting there, I’m on the right path.

NOW YOU GO OUT THERE AND FACE SOME FEARS TODAY! ME? Heck no, I’m going to be editing the fears I faced yesterday all day long. And I’m going to have so much fun with it:).

Ciao, Fear Facer,


update: the Sunday video:


Just decided I wasn’t going to do a blog post today,  need to get away from all the musts for a while. Then I remembered my rule to never make a longterm decision in a state of not being my self. As for now, that means b tiered weak of willpower and a bit lost. So I’ll do this short post.

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing 

You’ll just have to see tomorrow’s video. But it for sure entailed a whole lot of fears!

Routine #2 – New thing

I tried speed dating…

Routine #3 – The fail

I’m sitting here drinking a beer. It’s a fail because it’s a punishment for my sort of kind of failed challenge today ( not gonna spoil it!). I’m not that found of neither beer or alcohol.  You’ll just have to watch tomorrows video. Learning… I’m keeping that one for myself, but I guess do what you say you are going to do, or don’t say it!

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


One of those days.

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing 


Routine #2 – New thing

Went groery shopping. put on the Baby driver soundtrack. Danced my way to a full basket of food. In my own bubble. Nice.

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

Day started great. woke up early and in the right mood. Amazing workout. Nice live stream. At least felt proud for doing it. I was hungry to then get out and do some social challenge to make a nice video out of… I just needed to hand in my paper, since I’m studying movie theory part-time. Figured I’d be done by 15.00. at 21.00 I sent it in.  It took me all day. Minus the quick 15 minute dance stop at the grocery store.  And it trashed me on the way. No time over. What am I doing. Need to take a look at my prioritize. Can’t allow me to feel this way, not this often. Fuck, I just want too much in too little time!

see you tomorrow, Fear facer,



Speaking Fears.

As I’ve embraced this lifestyle of calling myself a #FearFacer, it makes it so obvious what I must do.  And that helps. There’s no alternative. Are you a Fear facer?

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing 

-Different work-related social fears. Check.

-When I walked home I, despite the fact that I was 10% alive and 90 % dead after a loooong workday, found myself craving some awkward interaction. Just something. A little fix.

“Excuse me, would you mind taking a photo with me”

“No, sorry, I’m in a bit of a rush”

“Okay that’s fine” Or… What if I walk with you and we can take the picture as we go?”

“No, sorry… I’m in a hurry”

I wished her a nice day, and she was off quicker than I had time to take a closer picture of her back. Still, it gave me a little fix. Good job Alex, good job.

Routine #2 – New thing

Nooo, forgot about it… I’ll come up with something before going to bed – promise! Or wait, I wore my super nice high heal (!) leather Tiger shoes for the first time in a Year. Felt really special walking around with those. Made me feel a bit important as it made me taller and it clicked nicely for every step I took. It actually bosted my social confidence some! Funny how the small things can make such a difference sometimes.

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

I was super hungry at 11.00 already. The strenuous leg exercises sure played its part in that. Nobody else wanted to have lunch at that time, so I ate alone. Couldn’t help but feel a bit bad for doing so. Now don’t get me wrong, I love eating alone. But that’s the problem, I do that a bit too often by routine. Which is bad because I should combine the opportunity of socializing with people. And if I never pushed myself to do that, I would have all my meals solo.

BUT, today I made a strategic decision to eat earlier. Which was fine because my body needed the food pronto!  But even though I love eating alone, this time I couldn’t enjoy it because I felt like iI was making a bad move. Overanalyzing brain – anyone can relate?

I have to stand for my decisions and don’t feel bad about them once they’re made. Then the action has already been taken, nothing changing that. Wasting precious time feeling anxiety – HECK NO! I know better than that.  I can socialize the next time, and I have to learn to deal with decision regret in a better way!

See you Tomorrow, Fear facer,

Also, feel free to join my Live Stream on my Youtube Channel tomorrow Morning at 08.30.



Why do I keep posting these small things? I’ve said it before, and I say it again. It’s about establishing this key habit of facing my fears. Daily. Creating the momentum so that when the big fears appear, there’s no hesitation. Or well, Not enough to stop me at least!

More to it, the small daily fears I face. They become a statement for who I am and what I believe in. I do what’s necessary to take me towards my goals. As long as it aligns with my values and beliefs of course.

AND EVEN MORE TO IT, the small daily things, they pay off as well.  It’s like interest on interest. It adds up. It pushes me to interact and engage with people. It Pushes me to test my self in a workout context. It pushes me to learn where my boundaries are. It pushes me beyond my boundaries so that I fail. Not only so that I know where they lie, but so that I can learn from my  (fail)experiences. It makes my life more fun, exciting and memorable. There’s no doubt about it.

I forgot to write about my little go-to-daily-fear-action I did yesterday. You see when I feel I haven’t faced any real fears, I have my safe bet I always can pull. I approach some people or person and just wish them a happy day/evening. Found myself in this exact very state yesterday afternoon. I can choose what level I want to be at by targeting people that look more or less intimidating. Yesterday, after having passed 10 other people I intended to approach. I finally saw two cute girls and approached them. Wishing them a nice evening. They smiled a bit surprised and wished me the same. A nice little moment. Nothing special, but I felt proud for doing it.

Point being – chose a fear facing action you know you can always pull even on your “weak” days. Keeping the habit going.

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing 

There’s been this guy at work I haven’t said hello to in over a month. Yet we’ve run past each other so many times. Each time I’ve felt

“damn Alex, you really should have said hello to this guy week’s ago.But I can’t do it now after so much time has past. That would just be super weird!”

NO. EXCUSES. So today I just spontaneously did it as I was just about to leave the office. Super nice guy. We shared some common denominators and will probably have some future collaborations (In the context of my work). Identified fear. Execution. BOM. Reward = proudness and possible good opportunities.

Routine #2 – New thing

This was actually a fear push as well, but been so much writing about me facing my training fears lately so skipped this one. It became my daily new thing as I did INTENSE intervals at the treadmill. GREAT WORKOUT. Great. BUT FOR SURE A REAL DISCMOFORTFULL FEAR FACING PAIN IN THE BUT.

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

Had a real fun workday.  Dared to be a bit bold and gutsy. Fail to win! Now I didn’t fail in that context, but I did fail in my ability to focus on one thing at the time. Was a bit all over the place. I know that’s not the most effective way of working. I can do better. I will do better. Because I’m aware of what Im doing and I intend to improve!

See you tomorrow, Fear FAcer,


90 years – 4693 weeks

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Afternoon workout. I had dared myself to do that today. But I feared it. The agony and the pain that awaited. Wanting it to to be over before it was even close to starting. Dreaded for it all day. I Always get so tired in the afternoon. No exception this time. But I pumped myself up. I talked myself into it the last hour leading up to Go-time. I bashed myself in the chest, screamed some and then I went for it.


And then it was. An EPIC workout that is. I combined it with my Routine #2 – Daily New thing – listening to some hip-hop/rap. Haven’t done that in a while. It contributed to making the whole thing feel like a new and exciting experience. Great energy boost after my a bit tiered low key work day, where I got stuck thinking about what I’m currently doing with my life in a negative spirit.

I’m really all over the place with my music, and I love it. Ended the workout walking to the grocery store listening to a symphony orchestra. Spotify <3.

Routine #3 – Daily Fail 

Letting tiered thoughts get to me. Yes, I was a bit down today. A sense of meaninglessness with what I was doing flooded my mind. Made everything seem pointless for a moment or two. Or three. It got to me. It got to me.

But if something wrong, you better find out what it is so you can fix it. Or at least initiate the process of change. You can’t sit around being sad. You are responsible for your life. I am responsible for my life, and It’s only I who can change my situation.

So being there today, I did something about. I changed my mood. And that’s the short-term fix. And sometimes that’s the only fix needed.  There will always be fluctuations in our state of being, but the quicker you can identify that something is off, the quicker you can do something about it. Life is short. Too short to sit around being moody.

The picture at the top of this post represents 90 years worth of boxes in weeks. 4692,86 to be exact. It’s to remind me that I’m going to die and to not waste my life away!

See you tomorrow, fear facer,


Monday Fears.

Evening walk home

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Long day. Long day. Got to bed too late yesterday, as I had to finish my Sunday video! Link further down. Had so much fun with that edit, and for sure faced some fears to pull that one off. However, I really must reflect upon how easy these kinds of things have started to become. For sure still a pain, but way less than it used to. To the power of repetition and exposure to fear!

…Long day I started out with. Yes, and a bit sleep deprived. And with that, you lose so much of your willpower. Woke up this morning and had a sweet as chest workout. Promised myself great things for this day, for this week. But a long work day later and I’m just blasted. So no crazy approach or anything on my way home. Nevertheless, I did identify some fears at work. Actually, it floated around in the back of my head for a couple of hours before I realized I tried to escape it. Wrote it down. And after that empty box stared right into my face, it needed to be checked. Made the approach. Talked. Connected. Started to get to know a new person, and I’m really glad for doing so. Proud for facing those fears. Small thing. But big enough to count.

Routine #2 – Daily Fail 

Wrote this Friday about how I did a little blunder at work. replied an email in a sloppy interpreted way. Nothing that big, really. But I noticed today how I now started to create these stories in my head about how I’m judged and doing an awful job. That’s just bull shit. But I let it drag me down before putting an end to it. Being aware enough to catch on to what was going on. Then looked at the objective reality and accepting that it was just my own crazy talk. Fail – win. Calling my bluff.

Routine #3 – New Thing(s)

Tried a new tea, pukka lemongrass ginger. Too much new things have been trying new tea flavours lately, need to spice things up!  Not literally.

This Sunday Fear Facing Video:

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer