90 years – 4693 weeks

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Afternoon workout. I had dared myself to do that today. But I feared it. The agony and the pain that awaited. Wanting it to to be over before it was even close to starting. Dreaded for it all day. I Always get so tired in the afternoon. No exception this time. But I pumped myself up. I talked myself into it the last hour leading up to Go-time. I bashed myself in the chest, screamed some and then I went for it.


And then it was. An EPIC workout that is. I combined it with my Routine #2 – Daily New thing – listening to some hip-hop/rap. Haven’t done that in a while. It contributed to making the whole thing feel like a new and exciting experience. Great energy boost after my a bit tiered low key work day, where I got stuck thinking about what I’m currently doing with my life in a negative spirit.

I’m really all over the place with my music, and I love it. Ended the workout walking to the grocery store listening to a symphony orchestra. Spotify <3.

Routine #3 – Daily Fail 

Letting tiered thoughts get to me. Yes, I was a bit down today. A sense of meaninglessness with what I was doing flooded my mind. Made everything seem pointless for a moment or two. Or three. It got to me. It got to me.

But if something wrong, you better find out what it is so you can fix it. Or at least initiate the process of change. You can’t sit around being sad. You are responsible for your life. I am responsible for my life, and It’s only I who can change my situation.

So being there today, I did something about. I changed my mood. And that’s the short-term fix. And sometimes that’s the only fix needed.  There will always be fluctuations in our state of being, but the quicker you can identify that something is off, the quicker you can do something about it. Life is short. Too short to sit around being moody.

The picture at the top of this post represents 90 years worth of boxes in weeks. 4692,86 to be exact. It’s to remind me that I’m going to die and to not waste my life away!

See you tomorrow, fear facer,


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