Monday Fears.

Evening walk home

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Long day. Long day. Got to bed too late yesterday, as I had to finish my Sunday video! Link further down. Had so much fun with that edit, and for sure faced some fears to pull that one off. However, I really must reflect upon how easy these kinds of things have started to become. For sure still a pain, but way less than it used to. To the power of repetition and exposure to fear!

…Long day I started out with. Yes, and a bit sleep deprived. And with that, you lose so much of your willpower. Woke up this morning and had a sweet as chest workout. Promised myself great things for this day, for this week. But a long work day later and I’m just blasted. So no crazy approach or anything on my way home. Nevertheless, I did identify some fears at work. Actually, it floated around in the back of my head for a couple of hours before I realized I tried to escape it. Wrote it down. And after that empty box stared right into my face, it needed to be checked. Made the approach. Talked. Connected. Started to get to know a new person, and I’m really glad for doing so. Proud for facing those fears. Small thing. But big enough to count.

Routine #2 – Daily Fail 

Wrote this Friday about how I did a little blunder at work. replied an email in a sloppy interpreted way. Nothing that big, really. But I noticed today how I now started to create these stories in my head about how I’m judged and doing an awful job. That’s just bull shit. But I let it drag me down before putting an end to it. Being aware enough to catch on to what was going on. Then looked at the objective reality and accepting that it was just my own crazy talk. Fail – win. Calling my bluff.

Routine #3 – New Thing(s)

Tried a new tea, pukka lemongrass ginger. Too much new things have been trying new tea flavours lately, need to spice things up!  Not literally.

This Sunday Fear Facing Video:

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer


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