Sunday Funday!

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Mostly I’ve been sitting indoors in front of the computer. Editing. I did go to the “jump & dance” group session I’ve joined a couple of times lately. It’s interesting how I feel no fear to this now. I’m simply getting comfortable with it! The usual self-judging thoughts of my ill coordination – no more.

That is UNTIL a girl I found attractive ended up standing next to me. Instivncley my overthinking brain took over.  Self-Judging thoughts.

“Man, you suck at this. Not the arms that way, the other way. Oh, can you see how she’s looking at you? And it’s not in the damn-I-look-good-today way.”

Although I quikly managed to speak myself out of that behaviour it and NOT care as much.  Very good practice. Indeed. I care about my progress and having fun. In this context.

Routine #2 – One New Thing

Practised doing handstands at my gym. Breaking the regular workout routine after the group work out . And then I actually sat my as down on the bike and read some. Nice. Very nice.

I’ve started to implement a reading habit before allowing to go to sleep. As soon as I lie down, I need to read at least one page. Been doing so for 4 days in a row now. Gives me an urge to go to bed!

If you want a short summary video on how to implement new habits, this one is a good one:

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

I LOVE when I get to have a nice editing project to just embrace myself in. I’ve been editing Friday evening, all day yesterday, and all day long today. Minus some workout and running down to the stores to by some stuff for perhaps 1 hour. I’m having real fun with it, and it surprises me how I can get so caught up in this state of flow. BUT, I also had a plan to ask the gym girl I approached a couple of weeks back, out for a walk again. I keep deprioritizing my social life/relationships, and I know that’s not sustainable.

But, I don’t really know if I can call this weekend a fail or a win. It’s been amazing, still. I know I have some issues with the way I live my life that I really need to figure out! There’s a reason for why I haven’t been dating anyone seriously for years now. And I want to change that, but that requires changing my life… Tough one.

See you tomorrow, Fear facer,


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