SATURDAY! I’m in love.

Yes. In Life. In myself. In all the people around me. In the possibilities that lie in front of me. All I need to do is to act on all these chances of making life happen. Every day. I can do that?

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

In last nights blog post I challenged myself to do an Instagram post, since it’s gone way too long time since last time. So I did that. Felt good.  Doubled the fear by facing some squat agony at the same time. Gotdamn they are a pain in the but, but man does it feel good afterwards.

I’ll update the post as the day progresses. Right now I’m having SO MUCH FUN EDITING YESTERDAYS #MINIADVENTURE.

Routine #2 – New Thing(s)


I got a mini shot bottle pumped with 180 mg of caffeine. I only get caffeine from Tea. And I I’m restrained with my use of it. Taking that little bottle today, this morning, HYPERLAPSED ME INTO A OVERLY ENERGIZED STATE. IT’S REALLY FUN. 2 HOUR AMAZING WORKOUT. FUN FUN FUN.



Routine #2 – Daily Fail ( updated )

Failed to finish the blog post and write this thing. Learning? If you pre-post, set a reminder for later to finish it!

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