Excuse me, Can you give me a ride?


Was just about to go to bed when I realized I hadn’t posted!

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Haha… So many fears that have been met today… I’ll guess today’s actions you’ll just have to see for your self in the Sunday video. But it for sure was a fun little mini adventure I put up for myself!

Besides that, did my usual Friday Live stream! Felt good leading up to it, mostly just excited! Faced some fears DURING the stream as a frequent commenter Jaquen joined, and the guy intimidates me a bit. Spoke my mind and felt good about it. See for your self! Link further down.


Routine #2 – New thing

Well, let’s just say I hitchhiked. Haven’t done that before – it was FUN!


Routine #3 – The Daily Fail(s)

Two things:

I very sloppy replied to my boss yesterday in an email. A failed, and I had to eat up today. Learning – read through email more thoroughly.

I was very clumsy at the end of my live stream.. Learning – Don’t put your teacup IN your keyboard. See for yourself.


Tomorrow’s fear challenge Dare:

– Post an Instagram picture ( perfections Alex take over when I haven’t done it in a while)

– Stay off social media throughout the day


See you tomorrow, fear facer,


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