Thursday Fears. Nothing special, but still important!

Short one today! But as long as the daily active search and execution happen, I’m doing it right – keeping that momentum going and building on the process of making it autonomous.  Long day, but a good day. Enjoy going to work, look forward to it when I wake up! Love my new role as 25%marketer, 75 % engineer. Didn’t mind the Grey autumn rain either – when you’re on the inside, you’re on the inside! …And you’ve got your tea.  What else do you need?! Yeah I know, some ginger.

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

– Cold Fears

Cold shower. Yes, this is a fear I face every time I’m about to do it. Turning that handle to the coldest. But it kicks the day off in a great way. And it’s always worth it.

“Okay, I start with this fear and it’ll get me the momentum to continue”

…and it always does!

– The hug

Saw my old team leader. Realised I wanted to hug her because she’s a really good person whom I like a lot, and it’s been a while since I got a hug from her. Avoided it a couple of times. Then a good opportunity emerged and I couldn’t escape my faith. I’m going in for the hug…

Top moment. She instinctively hugged me back in such a great way. GREAT WAY. Social connection, physical connection, we as human beings need it. If you ask me. Makes me warm just thinking about it. And I mean that all in a friendly caring way.

– How’s it going with that thing… ?

Dared to ask a  person a personal thing I’ve been wanting to ask for some time now. It’s a complicated situation,m I want to help, but don’t want to put pressure. It’s a good thing I asked, it’s gotten wors.e Need to be there, need to help.

Overall, just keep having fun with my colleges. And it’s a fear of mine to invest time just socializing due to the missed opportunity of WORKING MORE! Tons of great people at the office. Great people.

Routine #2 – New thing

Accidently dropped half a Kiwi in my Green Tea, liked the look of it and put in the rest. My new favourite tea! Sweet!

Routine #2 – The daily Fail

Hm… Yeah, really think things through, been waiting for a thing at work for a week. Realized today I could have gotten started 4 days ago. Need to make a phone call tomorrow… But great learning in terms of starting things up; Sit down and really put the facts on the table. Don’t assume the bottleneck is somewhere else before you’re all checked in on reality!

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


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