Amazing Fears, Without tears.

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Don’t know about that title, it just came to me.  Just like the urge I just had to approach and talk to a stranger before allowing myself to go home. So 10 minutes ago, I did just that.

“Excuse me, but I would just like to wish you a great evening”

“Oh, I don’t want anything sorry!”

“I don’t want to sell you anything, I just wanted to wish you a great evening!”

“Haha.. Okay! Thank you. I’m not so good in Swedish”

…And so a short fun conversation was taking off. Her name was Liza and she had just ended a workout an was waiting for a friend. A simple little fear facing action that led to me having a nice conversation with a random stranger. Great fun!

Overall, this day has just been amazing. Identified a ton of small fears through the day in different situations. Sent some tough emails. Told my dentist that I haven’t used flour toothpaste regularly in like 5 years after he telling me I should use it more. Even though my teeth looked fine and dandy!  Took a cold shower. Pushed me to have a ton of small little conversations at work.

These social pushes at work really are starting to pay off. Enjoy the socializing with people at work more and more. Usually, I distance myself from colleagues to get more work done. But the increase in feeling a part of the team is worth it, and pays off so much in areas and opportunities that emerge.

Today, right now after this day – I just feel like I’m walking on clouds. And yeah, I almost forgot. I got the most incredible letter sent to me from a college I didn’t know that well.  The story was that on the flight home from Croatia this Sunday,   I helped a guy out that was looking for his earplug for his headphones, and comforted a girl when there was some turbulence since she was afraid of flying. Nothing special I thought, just being a human being! But she got moved by my actions and said that she admired my behaviour and gave some hope to our society.

I’m really not saying this to talk about MY actions, as I’ve sad, to me that’s common sense. But her honest compliment made me feel warm and all fuzzy inside.  My point being, when you see someone doing something you admire – express that! Share your emotions and thoughts. I make sure to do this myself, and people always get so happy. Just read my blog post I did two days ago when I complimented our CEO on his speech. He too got genuinely happy.

– go out there and remind people of what they’re doing good!

Routine #2 – Doing something New

Since I stopped working in Täby 4 weeks ago, I haven’t been biking anything. It’s strange going from a daily 40 km commute 4-5 days a week, down to zero. But today I biked 20 km to the dentist and back AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Damn, I miss the biking.

Routine #3 – Failing & Learning  Daily

I’ve not been taking care of my neck for the last couple of days, and know it hurts like F*CK. Have an old whiplash injury. Learning, Don’t sit in a bad way, make sure to get up and move around at least every 50 minutes and do my neck exercises!

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