What a beautiful Tuesday morning!


Ah! Decided to take a day fast and no workout. But I wanted to get myself a bit more excited, even though I did already feel good about the day. Tiered I guess is the word. To little sleep. So I decided to change my thought patterns by wearing something new – my suit jacket! Haven’t worn that for work basically since my first work interview here. Why not today?

A small thing, but it just got me pumped and ignited something within. GOt in the mood, put on some loud music. AND BAM. I’m just kicking it. Entered the office space with a great attitude and just had so much fun with everyone here. The small things can make all the difference. It’s going to be a great day, I’ll make sure of it.



So, tiered , again. My total lack of willpower as a result of my lack of sleep is fascinating. I keep eating and eating. I should have gone to bed  two hours ago, but I’m even to tiered to do that. I’ve even given up on my usual blog structure: I’ll get back to it. I’m just temporarly chaotic. Great work day tough. A lot of social fear pushes. And some nice.. I don’t even remember what I was going to say. Looked away for a moment.

New thing – had canned “fish buns” for dinner. It was digusting. Makes me appreciate good natural homemade food even more. todays fail –  for sure my lost of control in the kitchen. I’ve impelented a “i’m the driver” mantra I repat to myself in the kitchen to not eat while standing. Went out the window today.


Now sleep. Nighty.

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