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What’s up?!

Didn’t post yesterday. But I faced some fears for sure. So have I’ve done today.

Landed in Sweden around midnight after a real nice – fear induced – weekend trip to Croatia with the company I work for. Sleep deprived for two nights in a row now. Barley any willpower due to exhaustion. Trying to finish a paper I had due this Friday since I’m studying part-time too. but all I seem to do is eat. No. Willpower. Left. Needed to write this now…

  • I dare myself to not eat anything more this evening.

F*ck. Now I can’t… damn it. Part of me screams. So scary to put these things out, because that means I HAVE to do it. That is, don’t do it. Eating that is. I’m tired.

Anyways, besides that, I gave direct feedback to the company CEO on his speech he did this weekend. Scary. Did not expect him to get as thankful for it. He said people usually never dare to say anything. Even though it was positive feedback.

Continued on a couple of hours later giving some constructive feedback to one of my bosses. He too was very thankful.

ARGH.. need to finish my paper. See you tomorrow, fear facer.


…and yeah, the daily FAIL – the eating tonight. The Daily New thing – long time since I had this little sleep. Makes it even more clear to me how I fail myself when I don’t get enough of it!



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