Got a ton of work to do, so I’ll just let Fridays fears speak for today’s as well:)

Or, well… I did face some fears today too. It’s been a very special day. did a twenty hour fast. Shouldn’t do that when I need to be social. Had a conversation I needed to have with a person that I really had to build up to. In the end, did it, and felt really good for doing so.

But I have to tell you… Doing a fast like this, and the ending it with a big cup of green tea just before throwing yourself into a  killer workout. Man. It’s like your a hunter out there in the Savana looking to score. Seriously. Your tunnel vision is out of your world. Adrenaline. Goal-focused. But totally stupid and not capable of holding conversations.

That was the fail of the day… The inability of speaking in a good way due to the fast. Learning – need to choose my fasts ( is that the right word?) better. New thing, did my 5-minute meditation in the shower. Nice.

See you tomorrow, Fear facer,


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