I’m back!

Haha… I think it’s not my awesome morning mood that’s playing me now ( I’m always ACING my mornings ). How? Great routines; journaling, self-motivational talk, reflecting on what I want to accomplish with my day, great music and great workouts. A cup of tea.

This morning I had an epic 5 km run on the treadmill. Challenged me on a fear run, no slower then 13,1 km/hr. End time 22,16. Then I joined a gymnastic jump-around-and-dance-some-class for 30 minutes before finishing it off with some core and listening to one of my go-to videos when I feel lost. My man Casey.

AND in the spirit of my awesome mood, on my way back to the apartment, I stopped the first people I met. An old man and his lady that looked a bit upper class.

“Excuse me?”

“yes?” they said simultaneously.

“May I just wish you a great day?”

They looked very surprised for a millisecond before booth shining up with a big smile.

“off course! Thank you! Same to you”

It’s going to be a great day. After all, the video reminded me that I’m blessed to have found my calling. Inspire people to go out there and grab those fears by the horn and just -BOM. And doing so by showing, not telling. But I’ve got a ton left to learn. Hence I need to find a good way of sharing this journey. Finding out how to make this something that actually adds value to the world.

And I need to find a better way of making it a bigger part of my life in a sustainable way. But I’m in it for the long haul, and I’m going to make sure to enjoy the journey. The negative conscious and subconscious self-talk, judging myself “People think so wired of me for doing this. Am I wired? “. Questioning my own special route in life. That has to go. I need to embrace my path. Stand for it. And I know it’s not perfect, far from. But as long as I keep working on getting there, I’m on the right path.

NOW YOU GO OUT THERE AND FACE SOME FEARS TODAY! ME? Heck no, I’m going to be editing the fears I faced yesterday all day long. And I’m going to have so much fun with it:).

Ciao, Fear Facer,


update: the Sunday video:

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