BIG Channel Relaunch – Make Money Practicing Your Social Skills : Sales Challenge

“I refused to do anything, that wasn’t in the best interest of the goal I have set for myself” – Will Smith.

So many things to accomplish, so many things to experience and so many people to meet. But there’s a whole lot of efforts and fears to overcome to do all that. A whole lot. But I’m determined. You have no idea.


A new 6-month goal starts NOW. I want to see If I can make a living out of this, or something relating – I want the freedom to live a life on my conditions. Everything I do has to aline with this goal in (an effective way). I’m going to break it down into different themes to give it the proper attention. First out – business and sales – SELLING OF MY STUFF. For multiple reasons:

– it’s one of the skills needed to run a business of my own

– sales skills are great ( & key!) for practising social skills and charisma

– less stuff frees us from shit stealing our attention

The objectives: – Sell off everything I don’t need. Making sure to always have an add out there. – CAN I MAKE A 10 000:- IN APRIL? ( ~1200 USD)


Want more inspiration for selling your stuff? Check out GaryVee ‘s #2017flipchallenge video – How to make $20,170 in 2017 | The #2017FlipChallenge :…

Secondary: Reading Tim Ferriss’s “The Four-Hour Chef” so we can make sure to do this journey in an effective way! This week reading, next week implementation.

UPDATE: realised the book was HUGE and 80% if the content was about learning how to cook. Instead found a great summary of learning fast methods, so I’ll be breaking down and understanding this video! Shortcuts DO Exist! 4 Hour Chef/First 20 Hours/Little Book Of Talent Animated Book Review/Summary

Tim Ferriss: “The Four-Hour Chef” Talks at Google…

Learning how to Learn: THE 4-HOUR CHEF by Tim Ferriss | ANIMATED CORE MESSAGE…

Learning how to Learn: THE 4-HOUR CHEF by Tim Ferriss | ANIMATED CORE MESSAGE…

Good luck guys, and let me know if you’ll join!

P.S my new mission statement: To apply all the best self-improvement tricks and & techniques in a structured and effective way to make all those things happen. Living Life, A life of freedom. A life on my terms. I want to prove to you that it can be done, and I’m inviting you along for the journey. If you dare. Because it’s going to be hard and scary as ****. But that’s what living is all about – if you ask me ;). And I can close to guarantee you that it will be the best decision you ever made. Yepp, pinky promise. Videos in the description: One Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Told Me That I’ll Never Forget | Will Smith Vlogs How to Improve Sales Skills…

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