Brendon Burchard’s 5×50 Productivity Formula – Weekly Challenge #18

Brendon Burchard’s 5×50 Productivity Formula – Weekly challenge #18


Hi Guys!

This week’s challenge we are going to take on world famous high performance coach Brendon Burchard’s weekly productivity challenge.  It’s no point in me saying to much this time, since he has a video addressing exactly what this challenge is going to be about! Instead I’m just shortly going to mention some important things and advices from my own experiences when dealing with this kind of stuff.

Every challenge can be seen as a project, hence we apply the overall project plan structure What How Why and When.

What – We want to get things done, we want to accomplish things without burning ourselves to the ground. We want results effectively. However, this is so much deeper that just getting more things done; it’s about daily progressing towards our life goals. It’s about doing the best we can to fulfil our life purpose. But willpower can only take us so far, we need the right tools to achieve those goals, and being highly productive is a key player in that game.

Why – This is for you to write down on your own, and go deep, see the big picture and how things actually effect things. Do this thoroughly; write ten reasons for why you must do this ( watch my video where I give an example ), ten reasons for why you can do it and ten reasons for all the good things that will happen if you do – creating that positive association.

How – This is what Brendon describes in his video and downloadable PDF; this is how we actually are going to reach our wanted outcome. The document also entails a simple way of rating ourselves, which we should do before and after we start the challenge. Measuring is important in order to analyse, evaluate and tweak our actions to make sure we are doing the right thing.

When – The actual time we are going to apply and implement these productive habits; it is described in detail in Brendon’s downloadable PDF and video. As always on an overall level, we are going to apply this for five days and then evaluate and decide weather to continue doing it or not.

Now let me just say, this isn’t an easy challenge that lies ahead of us, he may make it sound like it is if you listen to his video. But I’ve tried parts of it before, and do some of it already, and I know this requires a tremendous amount of discipline and motivation. If you are going to follow true, you need to have a real sit down, watch his video and really take in what he is saying and go through how this will effect your usual habits. You need to be prepared for all the obstacles that these new habits will bring, because it’s going to shake your current way of doing things up real good. Now that’s good, we need that! But if we can foresee how it may clash with our current routines and habits, and plan ahead and adapt to these new habits, it will increase our chances of succeeding big time. Or one could just dive straight in the first week, and realise we’re the actual problems lies, and then adapt for the second week to make it work for you. But that’s less effective.

Here’s a brief summary what he is saying in his video; going over the five challenges he claims to increase your productivity by 30%.

The 5 productive habits are:

Sleep more! Brendon sais sleep 50 min more then you are used to. This also includes 50 min prior going to bed, no screens; tv, phone, computer, etc! This requires some planning; set the alarm 50 min before going to bed so you now when to shut down.

50 min power block – first 20 min stretch/yoga – you can start the day with a workout, but then also do 20 min stretching to open up your body. The last 30 min – planning your day! Brendon has a morning routine, included in the same downloadable PDF and goes through it in more detail in his video, but for one you don’t check your phone or any other contact with the world until you have planned out your day.

50 min work block time – no spontaneous random multitasking doing a little of that, a little of that. And schedule the things you otherwise to spontaneous; like social media and other kinds of distractions; YOU FOCUS IN ON ONE THING, AND ONE THING ONLY.

Breaks – after the 50 min work blocks, you get up, move around, do some focused breathing and shake lose.

50 min break, sometime during the afternoon you take a longer 50 min break, where you for instance go on a 30 min walk OUTDOORS, stretch some, clear your head and energize.

Before I let you go, I can’t stress enough the importance of really answering the questions for WHY you’re doing this properly. And remind yourself every morning for your reasons. That is what will give you that drive you’ll need. When you’re in the middle of a 50 min work block, and your urge to check the mail kicks in, or your phone buzzes ( because you forgot to put it silent mood/flight mood), to be able to withstand and continue as nothing has happened; that requires willpower fuled by a tremendously crystal clear WHY! It’s big changes, but if you’re like me highly motivated for some real change and getting to action – let’s do this.

If you have any questions – please share!

Good luck, and don’t forget to see how I’m doing in the week vlog.

/Alexander Nilsson

Brendon Burchard’s 5×50 Productivity Formula


Brendon Burchard’s 5×50 Productivity Formula



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