Building Self-Esteem with Rejection Therapy – Week 3 – Weekly Challenge #53

Hey guys and welcome to yet another personal development challenge – because that’s what this channel is all about. An area that has been more and more focused concerning self-esteem lately, as I’ve realised what a key role it plays in most kind of growth.

So, what are we all about this week? Expose ourselves to potential rejection within an area we want to progress/develop in; goals, believes, wants  – Rejection Therapy with a Self-esteem building focus.

 And why do we do this? To build self-esteem and get use to not fearing things in life!

 Self-esteem is the foundation for building ourselves up, as that is what we are all about. Starting of this channel being all over the place, as this new year arrived, I sat down an asked myself where we need to begin this journey, and the answer is within. And within starts with building self-esteem. Doing the right thing, following our true self and acting as our ideal self.

“ Your self-esteem rises every time you overcome a challenge… “

But so, if self-esteem is built by doing what you know you should do, that means action is the way to build it. And so, going out there and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in an area you’d like to develop in – will boost that self-esteem of yours like nothing else. And that’s why we do this rejection therapy challenges – exciting fun and a real pain in the ass.

Because I don’t only base this on some book I’ve read, mainly this is from first-hand experience since it actually is the third week we’re doing this! And the results have been amazing, although it is a never-ending journey, and continues progress only comes if we continuously keep raising the bar. Also an observation I did during this week’s evaluation – when it feels the worse – the greatest reward is almost always just on the other side of that sensation – you just have to find your way through.

See You On The Other Side, Brother – Lost, Desmond

Now just because we talk about rejection, we still go into every situation aiming for a yes! That’s what we want, but the design of the situation in itself, makes the outcome lean towards the odds being against us. Weather we subjectively believe so, or if it’s an actual fact, is less important as long as it is something we fear to do.

So how will we do this? Five questions/request within an area that aligns with our goals and beliefs, one thing each day. But remember, one is better than zero!

 Are there any rules? Yes, you can’t lie, and you must stand by what you are about to do, doing things that aligns with your idea of your ideal self. Self-esteem.

So that’s this week’s challenge! Commit to me in the comments and let me know what kind of requests questions you plan to do. Also, make sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of my attempts throughout the week, trust me, you don’t!

With juicy Love,

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