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Greetings Fear Facers!

Thought I’d start mini-blogging again. Nothing big, just report my daily fear facing actions. Why? Well, It’s spelt accountability, and it’s one of the greatest weapons in our personal development arsenal. I’ve committed to doing daily fear facing. It’s part of my three daily routines

– fear facing, meditation, and doing something new.

The key is having a low bar so we manage to execute even on those shitty days. It’s about getting the momentum and keeping it. We all know how hard it is to get started. So, let’s keep that to a minimum.

Todays fears 2018-09-15:

– Turned off my phone and stayed off the social media sites

The biggest fear and insight of the day is how incredibly addicted I am to my phone. Last week really has been crazy, so I challenged myself to be without it for a day. To let go of the certainty and source of entrainment it serves the reactive me with. Always at hand. Fleeing from reality because it’s scary, uncomfortable, boring, or just not what I want it to be. But letting go of our drugs is so uncomfortable.  It’s a deep fear of mine, just as is food. The first step is to identify the fear, then to accept it, before taking action. This action made me have the best day in terms of insights in a long time.

–          I flirted with a cashier for a couple of minutes ( top moment of the day ) –          I bargained for some avocados and bananas NOTE: I’ve been sick for a couple of days and really didn’t have much energy when I went out for a walk today doing these things. ?

New Thing:

– Went into a new China supermarket store I found + the whole phone thing.

“Progress, not perfection”

Denzel Washington in The Equalizer. Yepp.

Have a lovely evening,


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