Daring to challenge yourself

Routine #1 – Daily fear facing:

– Cold shower

Haven’t been any daily cold showers lately. But when I stood there this morning, 04,55 that realization hit me with a fear slap. F*ck. Must do it now. Embrace yourself, here we goo! It was nice.

– Third time for the win

Monday, Tuesday and today Wednesday. I’ve dared to challenge myself to a super intense fasted focused work day. Ending it with an equally intense workout. During the workout, I reflected upon these days, and there for sure has been some drawbacks. As I also mentioned in yesterday’s blog. But perhaps the biggest one has been when I’ve ended it. When I’ve lowered the guard. Because then my willpower totally has gone out the window, and I haven’t been able to edit a video effectively. Which really is something I need to get done as well. Yeah, it’s an intense period right now.

This got me thinking about the “will-power-theory” stating that we have a limited amount of willpower to use up during the day. Unless we are being very smart about it and recharge. Which I haven’t been able to. This was just a reflection, but I for sure think there’s a middle way to make it work. Not being so hardcore throughout the day. Overall there for sure still has been a pay-off worth it. I’ve gotten to know a new Alex these past days, and I’m impressed.

The second reflection I made is how this relates to fears. This whole thing with putting up a challenge and going for it. When I look at it as fear action, I’m able to push myself to a whole new level. But it can be broken down to several more layers of fears. I believe the main fear, at least for me, is to dare to put up the challenge. That’s what gets me started. Dare to say “okay, I’m not going to eat for 20 hours now. I’m not going to do anything but work on this task now.” Putting it out there means I run the risk of disappointing myself. And to me, that’s the worst thing ever. That’s one of the benefits of working on your self-esteem. Living with integrity – words and behaviours match.

But then there are all the follow-up fears related to the action. Like working focused and not procrastinating for example – staying in the uncomfortableness and doing the tough actions. Pushing through, writing that sentence, making that call, taking time to plan for what comes next. But it starts with daring to take on the challenge. Identifying it and then naming it.

This is actually how I look at fears after reflecting upon it today:

  1. Awareness – Identify and name your fears fear

  2. Call your bluff stories

  3. Take action

Anyways, in an effort to squeeze the very last willpower out of me today. I’m putting up a evening challenge – removing temptations. No Facebook or Gmail this evening. It’s going to be great. Aah, Just throwing it out there makes me so hungry to win over myself!


Routine #2 – Doing something New

I’m going to be listening to a Swedish stand-up routine while cooking my food. Laughing some! Hopefully. That is as soon as I hit post on this one?.

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


Routine #2 – Doing something New

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


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