FFF – Friday Fear Facing

Routine #1 – Daily fear facing:

– Live Fear

Live stream at my YouTube channel. Doing a live stream is always a bit scary to me, even though I’ve done it so many times. Although this time I have to say I was rather looking forward to doing it. Been thinking so much about how to present myself lately since I’m doing my big presentation next week at our work conference in Croatia. To some extent, I feel more anxiety about it than ever since It’s still a bit fuzzy and only a week away. But another part of me is looking forward to it like heck. I know I enjoy standing in front of a crowd if I’m confident in the message I want to deliver. I’ll get there.

Because of all this, lately, I’ve been watching a whole lot of talks for inspiration. I came across two of my favourite Ted-talks that has impacted me. Both talks are hilarious and worth watching only if you want a good laugh. But they do carry great take away as well.

The first one is one the incredible power and importance of deadlines, especially for personal/creative projects.

The second one, well I’ll share that one tomorrow ?.

I’m going down to buy some food NOW, and I will be addressing some stranger. Not quite in the mood for it, but it’ll be worth it. Historic events at least favourite that outcome.

Routine #2 – Doing something New

– Early Birdy

I’m going to go to bed 22.30 the latest a Friday evening! I’m going to do the same repetitive habit each morning before my talk. Early evening, early morning. Then have myself a practice run with my presentation!

– Snack Hack

I’m going to find something new in the grocery store and try that out for the evening treat!


Routine #3 – The Daily Fail ( New one ! )

Failing is great. That’s the mindset I need to live by, hence I’m going to make sure I fail every day!

– Being sloppy

I had a colleague call me about a post I had done for my company. It had a spelling mistake. Embarrassing. Perfectly human. The thing is, I had done it twice. That’s just sloppy. Taught me to read it through more carefully the next time.

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


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