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Monday, the day after New Tears Eve. A bit tiered. Got myself a bit drunk for the first time in 8 -9 months (who’s couting?). Drunk being I felt alcohol in my body. One beer and a shot of Rum doesn’t do much, but I felt it. And I didn’t like it. So, I stopped. I really don’t need it in my life. But still, I don’t want to have a black and white relationship to things, and I felt like taking a glass with my old dear friends, so I did. It does add something to the atmosphere – laughter, numbness, tiredness, anxiety and feeling like shit ( in that order ).

Besides last night, the weekend has been just great. I’ve had my best friend Christoffer staying at my place for a couple of days, and we’ve have done only what we love; training, eating food, filming and watching movies. Miss having that dude around (lived together for three years). Shoot some great scenes for my upcoming channel YouTube trailer. For instance, the instant date I had with a Russian girl name Anna. Oh yes, that happened.

Christoffer and me were having fika in a crowded Espresso House at Drottninggatan yesterday afternoon. I mentioned to him that we should have some ‘date’ material for the trailer. We had been out shooting some throught the weekend, and I had already done some interviews, flirted with a girl I approached, hugged people and executed some PPP (Perfect Public Pushups). The idea was to get some content to show what I’m all about on my channel. Christoffer laughed, looked at me with I don’t know what in mind, and encouraged my date-idea. I looked to the table on my left where I had seen a very beautiful lady sitting by her own. ‘Hmm, I wonder…’

“What the heck, should I ask her Christoffer?”

Before giving myself time to thing through my actions, I spontaneously leaned over towards her and introduced myself

“Excuse me, do you you speak Swedish? No, where’re you from?”

She replied friendly and said that she was a Yoga teacher from Moscow visiting Stockholm for five days with her friend ‘Vic’. Short for Victoria (this took 3 minutes to clear out – her English wasn’t top notch).

“Would you mind if we staged a little date between you and me while my friend films us?”

Hesitation. A smile. ‘Sure’. It was on. And what was supposed to be something staged, actually turned out to be as great as I ever could have wished for. I just had such a blast and we really connected. After a while her friend sat down next to her and got some attention too. 20 minutes later, and I was as happy as ever and walked out from the cafe with a little bit of a Russian crush. Hopefully we’ll meet up again before she flies back to the country of Vodka.

Anyways, new year’s, new goals. I’m kind of delaying my real habit implementation for tomorrow. Excuses? No, I just need to structure out the practical details for making my habit implementation work (OneNote-tracking!). But I am a bit overwhelmed, and a bit scared that I’m grasping for too much here. BUT, I’ll do my best and I’ll  posts daily here on my progress so I have someone to report to. Perhaps mostly for my own sake (yes), but if anyone happens to be motivated – hey, that’s great!

One of my January Habits is to do a blog post daily, and I’m already sensing that this will take too much time. Too much I want to say, as always. Must learn how to throw out the garbage. Less is more!

But so, what’s the purpose? Never do anything without a clearly specified purpose ( I’m not living by those words btw, but it sound good in theory). Well, I’d like to improve my writing. But also I just feel certain stuff is worth sharing. And I do journal every day, so why not just put in a little more effort and share my wordpoo. I have nothing to hide. Although it might take a while for me to find my voice, daily status updates are as interesting as, well daily status updates. It’s worth shit. So, we’ll just have to see what direction this takes off in.

See you tomorrow! And no, this doesn’t mean I’m quitting YouTube. Love that too much. This is just a complement for things that don’t fit there. Also, I am a bit lost there right now so we’ll se what happens there!



  • Repping out squats until I cried like a baby, and then cried some more while killing my calves just after.
  • Watching through the video from the ‘date’ – those ‘can’t help but to smile’-moments
  • Eating up all the leftovers from yesterday’s New Years dinner (this will happen tonight, and yes it’s going to be amazing)

Youtube-Video of the day:

Only watched one (damn), and it was so so, but the execution was nice. Doing a lot of stand up comedy and storeytelling -analysis

Norm Macdonald- Best joke ever told

Update: Okay so I went througb a fiew more, and this one is by far the most see worthy. Nothing new really if you’ve read the 4-hour work week ( great book!);

Why you should define your fears instead of your goals | Tim Ferriss

Quote of the day:

“Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life”

– Tim Ferris

Have an amazing night people, now I’m going to go do my three-minute Yoga!


P.S. If you missed my facing fears Christmas calendar where I faced some kind of fear every day up untill christmas, you can check it out here:


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