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Major decisions – how the heck do we tackle them the best way? Right now, my mind is coping with so much overwhelming high-level stuff that totally blasts my brains out after a half a day of (over)thinking. Somehow it all seems to happen at once. It might also have something to do with finding myself in a situation that some could define  as an “existential crisis”. The term crisis is strong though and not something I’m relating to, but the signs they describe in this video belov is spot on. Which to some sense makes it easier for me to accept my current situation. I’m talking in riddles and I know this is off topic to the title. But I still feel how they overlap eacch other, and why my subpurpose of this blogpost is to recomend you to watch this short video too. I think it may help you realise that high level existential thoughts are something you’ll probebly deal with sooner or later. Or it’s jut me that in fact are having an… 🙂

The irony of being in energy-draining-overwhelming state that big questions, that only can be resolved with big decisions, have a tendency to keep you awake at night. It’s my third cosy night with only, me, myself and my thoughts hanging out. I invited sleep but he (she?) couldn’t make it, unfortunately. We’re having superfund twisting and turning on different scenarios.

However, going forth and back in your head, at least for me, usually doesn’t help that much. Unless I’ve gone through the process of sitting down and putting it to words in a rather structured way. Usually I write down all the positive and negative aspects I can think of, and then let my mind digest it (night time) so I eventually can reach a gut-based decision. Which always have final say.

But obviously I’m still lost – so don’t take my advice! Instead I thought I share one of my favourite ‘virtual mentors’ Brendon Burchard’s take on it. It’s a video I’ve seen a bunch of times, but never really applied that seriously. Now I have some good cases to test it out on. Anyways, here’s the video, and below is the summary he put together for it.

——————– SUMMARY: ——————–

“When uncertain or afraid, how do we free ourselves from delay, make good decisions, and take decisive action?

  1. Make decisions sooner: It’s easier to make decisions earlier than later. For example, if you hate your job, make a decision to leave sooner. Yes, be judicious and and collect information…but don’t get into analysis paralysis or become scared of change. Set a date and prepare. Making bold decisions for yourself is the secret to moving your life forward. Ask,”What’s decision have I been putting off in my personal life? What decision have I been waiting to make at work? What decision do I need to make in my relationships?” Avoidance may be the best short-term strategy to avoid pain and conflict, but it is also the best long-term strategy to ensure suffering. Stop putting it off, make that decision and stick to it.
  2. Set criteria: Criteria means you look at your decision making from three perspectives: What’s good for you? What supports other people around you? What should the universal rule be for everyone faced with this decision? This means you seriously contemplate if decisions are right for you, honoring of others, and generally good for most people. What other criteria could you set? Create a “cheat sheet to good decision-making” with your own criteria and keep it by your computer and in your wallet. Consult it at every important decision.
  3. Do intelligent research: Bad decisions are often a result of acting without any information, listening to the wrong people or forcing a false choice. Intelligent research means collecting as much information as possible from informed people. There’s nothing you want to achieve or overcome in your life that someone hasn’t already achieved or overcome. Before you make your decision, go out and consult other informed, happy, smart, joyous, accomplished people who have done what you want to do. Often, you’ll find it’s not just a matter of choosing A or B, but rather there are a multitude of choices available to you.

This second video  below is not as in to details hand has a more straight forward approach that I better can realte to; letting values and beleives guide. Are you being true to your purpose and ‘why’? If you don’t know what these things are to you, then perhaps those are the real answers you should be looking for… 

Update: I

Have a lovley evening guys & thanks for stopping by:)


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