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It’s the third week in our pursuit to increase self-awareness, and this time we’re going to do what many experts claim to be the number one thing to increase awareness. I’m talking about sitting down, closing your eyes for 10-20 minutes and just observe yourself; mind & body. Try to distinguishing the active thoughts you have from just being present & aware. Sit however you’d like. Listen to whatever you’d like. Breath however you’d like. Frankly, the only way to fail this challenge is to not sit through your time quota with at least the intention of trying to reach a state of awareness.

Easier said than done, I know. But it’s okay, It’s called practice. If thoughts come up, they come up. Don’t try to manipulate yourself into forcing “emptiness” – that’s not the point. We have to get rid of the notion of being in control of our thoughts, that will never happen. Just observe yourself and allow yourself to go wherever your mind takes you. Now some would call this meditation, and some wouldn’t – you may call it whatever you like. The name of the game is not important, it’s the actions we take that counts.

Just to make you more excited – it will probably suck! They say it should suck for the first year. But hey, then there’s no need for high expectations! Worst thing ever is going to a hyped movie that only turned out to be an “alright” one. So why should you do it all if it’s all pain and no juicy stuff? Good question. Sounds pretty stupid, wasting valuable time…That’s the one thing we try really hard to NOT do every day! Maybe you shouldn’t do it. Or, OR, you just have to have faith that it actually could be worth the steep learning curve before you can reap any kind of reward.

 “a lamp is like awareness—it just lights up the whole room with no particular focus” 

I’m not there, YET. But I’ve started to see and feel just a little glimpse of what it might, could, should be like, after around 6 months of playing around with it. So, I’ve decided to have faith and just continue on with it. For now. The hardest thing is to get started with new things, right?

You do as you like – after all, we live in a free world! That’s why I can post this shi* here 🙂
The objectives:
– Meditate each day for at least five minutes. Remember, the only thing we can control, is to actually sit down and do the routine of trying to observe ourselves. Accept this, and It will ease the process.
– Do some journaling about your experience after each session, and ask yourself how it made you feel.
– In the end of the week, look through your notes and try to reflect on your experience in a more objective matter

The Habit:

The Que: When are you going to do this – find a place or a time when this suits you, and make sure that its’s a clear que that triggers the routine. For me it’s every morning when I step aboard on my morning commute train.

The routine. That’s the actual habit. Just sit down and try to be aware. That’s it. The only way of failing is not sitting down for the time you set up as a goal.

The reward: Before ending the meditation, try to do finish of every meditation with asking yourself what you could be grateful for right now, and go deep, really really try to break out some positive emotions. Because we want to anchor this with some goood emotions!
Good Luck guys:)



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