It’s a storm comming! No wait, I’m in it

Do you ever find yourself feeling happy in one moment but then totally lost in the next one? Or even more subtle – like a weird undefined gray-misty-mood coming and going.  But since you’re constantly keeping yourself so occupied with external inputs, you’re not allowing yourself the breathing room to ‘vent’ what’s going on. But reality will eventually catch up. It always does.

That’s my reality right now. Or well, let’s not exaggerate things – my life hasn’t totally imploded on me! I’m just realizing I’ve got some things to deal with. Just ended a great week – had a blast at work, nice morning workouts, a focused and controlled mind, and on top of all that a weekly challenge that pushed me to meet and talk to 5 beautiful women. Three of these conversations making me smile in this very moment just thinking about them. Honestly, had such a tremendously awesome week! But it was also intense. So today when Friday came around, and I gave myself some much need breathing room, clarity stroke with an essance of chaos stroke.

Now this is a regular recurrent thing for most people. I Imagine. We have our periods of clarity in direction and purpose, then we staggnate, or dip down if we don’t adress the issue. This can be described with S-curves, which I took the liberty of borrowing this picture to describe ( source in the caption ):


True for most people is also the part of not having time to address the much-needed tings that needs to be addressed. It’s related to living with a low level of consciousness, which I’ve talked about earlier in this blog. That’s why I’m a strong advocate of having a scheduled moment at least once a week to sit down and reflect on your life – a weekly review. What has happened, what reflections and learning can be extracted looking back, what was my top moments, did I progress towards my goals the way I intended; did I do what I sat out to do, and if not – why? Looking forward, Is there something I need to tweak and what do I want to accomplish in the coming week?

The weekly review should also include a birds view perspective on your life; what do you want to achieve in life; goals, purpose and vison for yourself. Regularly evaluating your journey to make sure that you’re doing the ‘right things’. That your way of living life is in fact a reasonable good match to how you WANT to live life. Giving yourself that moment every week is priceless. Sometimes you’ll not throw yourself out to the high-altitude-level-stuff, but if you have the routine of doing a weekly evaluation – you’ll fell when it’s necessary!

The practicality of it all happens in OneNote for me, which is part of the Office365 package. A free alternative is Evernote which has a similar look. But you might just as well use a sheet of white paper. If you don’t know where to start, you can download a  weekly evaluation guide (here ).

Now, I have got some high-level altitude questions I need to address; career, future, love life, friends, family, living arrangement, YouTube channel, lifestyle choices (training & health). But I wish you a happy Friday evening?.

If you want to listen to the live stream summary of my week’s challenge, just check out this video:


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