Observe Your Fears -The Fear Radar

In this video, I’m talking about observing your fears – The Fear Radar! How being mindful and conscious of what fears are around you is the first step towards setting yourself free. Realising how much you are limited can give you the proper motivation to start changing some things for real. Facing fears and start moving you towards a life of freedom.

So, I dare you to do this during the week, as I will be doing! Also, I’m since I’ve been through this process before, I’m also going to face some actual fears of mine. I have the ambition to do start sharing these small daily facing fear moments on my Instagram story. Add me there If you want the most current action on what’s going down in my world! Alenils is my name.

Good luck, and do commit to me in the comments if you’re up for the challenge:) /Alex

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