Rejection Therapy Week 12

Hey you! It’s a new week and that means It’s time for some Rejection Therapy! This means exposing ourselves to situations, with a specific question, request or Action in mind, that most likely will get us rejected! We do this to desensitize ourselves from the fear of getting turned down- imprinting the association in our brains that a NO will only make us stronger! But also, building self-esteem by designing these challenges so they align with your values believes and GOALS – going after the things you want in life!

We do rejection therapy challenges every other week, and every other week we do personal development work focused on building self-esteem with the help of the book The six pillars of self-esteem.

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Tips for how to push yourself when you’re about to approach:


END LAZINESS – Powerful Motivational –



My objectives of the week is to ASK these question to five different girl :

#2:  Asking for a phone number – “Can I get you’re phone number?”

#1:  Asking for an instant date – “Do you want to go have a have an icecream/cup of coffe right now?”

#3: Asking for a Hug – “Can I hug you?”

#4: Asking for a date – “would you like to do go on a date some day / do something fun?”

#5: Asking for feedback after getting rejected – “Can I ask for some feedback, why did you reject me?”

– Read for at least an hour a day – ( or 30 pages )

– Listen to 30 minutes of an audiobook at least

– Try to implelement a speed reading teqnique

Remeber The only way to fail is to NOT ASK THE QUESTIONS! If I get rejected, I INCREASE my ability to handle rejection, and I increase my Self-esteem If I do what I’ve set out to do, no matter if I get rejected or not!


YOUR Objectives:

–  5 Rejection Therapy Challenges throughout the week!

The Rules:

1# The request’s/question’s need to align with your goals, values or beliefs! if you go out and do something just to get rejected, but it interferes with your moral or what you believe in, it will decrease your self-esteem.

2# That means you’re not allowed to lie! Own the situation; rather tell the exact reason for why you’re doing what you’re doing, then try to manipulate your way to a yes.

Some tips along the way:

  • Plan what you are going to do and say – or at least have the overall gameplay outlined! Unclarity will be a reason to hesitate when you are about to do what you are going to do – that’s my own experience!
  • Don’t let time play with you psyche, the longer you wait with the approach, the worse it’s going to get. JUST DO IT!
  • Remember, that no matter how shitty you feel before you do it, the reward that awaits you on the other side, will greatly make up for that!

A playlists with some videos on Rejection Therapy and tips related to it:

Jia Jiang’s 100 days of Rejection Therapy ( The guy who inspired me to start this)

Are you up for the challenge? Let me know what kind of rejection challenges you plan to do – and if you’ve already done it – tell me how it went!



Posting schedule:

SUNDAYS: New Weekly Personal Development Challenge

WEEK DAYS: Depending on the challenge, but at least one Video/Vlog at the Wednesdays

FRIDAY: Evaluation of Week Challenge









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