Stockholm – Moscow: FLIGHT DEPARTING

Just got home. It’s 00.43. I’m supposed to wake up in 5 hours and bike my 23 km to work outside of Stockholm. Or wait… Nope, that’s not happening. It’s going to rain, and I’m not doing that, not tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t love biking in the rain, because I do. But not on less than 5 hours of sleep. That means I’m running instead. Some of the parts at least.

Why did I start off with such a negative tone? I can do better – Let’s start over.

I just got home. It’s not 00.43 anymore. And I don’t care that I’m supposed to wake up in 5 hours because I just had one of the most amazing evenings in ages. Context. Met Russian Girl Anna three days ago. She was awesome. Romantical me fell a little bit in love and I didn’t do anything to hold him back. Convinced her to teach me Yoga. She agreed. Time 19.00 at my gym. Had to pay 150 SEK to get her in. No wallet. ‘you can pay later’. Later: ‘You don’t have to pay’. Nice.

I’ve tried Yoga once before and that experience taught me that I suck as hard as when I have a delicious Alex-made-smoothie with a curly nice straw in front of me. This Time, totally different. The fact that I had the most beautiful girl guiding me both physically and mentally, surly had something to do with it. because it wasn’t comfortable in the way you’d define comfortable. But it was something. It was special. And after ~2 hours of Russian taught Yoga, I was mentally as relaxed as I’ve ever been and so deeply connected to Anna that I only have made up words to describe it.


So what happened then? Well, Gym kicked us out. Walked back to her hotel, had Robioos Tee with her friend Vicky (as funny as me!). Talked some. Asked if I could kiss her. Got turned down. Got taught some Russian. Apparently I have a stunning Russian pronunciation (suck up?). Da. Said god bye. Four times. Tried to leave. Asked if I could kiss her again. Silence. We kissed. Felt like a little boy again. Hope on life restored. The end?

What about your so very ‘special’ food relationship you started going on about yesterday Alex? Not that I care, but If you start something, you better finish it.

Well, I’ll get to that tomorrow. But as an appetizer, I’ll fill you in on my daily caloric budget. Two hours of continues intense biking, 10 hours of working in front on ca computer, which according to my training watch added up to a total daily caloric expenditure of 3500 kcal. Food intake 1500 kcal. Trying to catch up here as we speak, but today that just won’t happen.

When I do have time to actually catch up. Iäm in the lead, and there’s no breaks. That’s why I’ve gained ~6 kgs since this summer. This Monday for instance, having the day of and all, I tracked how much time I spent eating that day ( part of my January habits). 5 hours plus. And it added up to 4 times

the amount of calories I’ve had today. Balance – yeah that’s what I’m trying to find.


What.. it’s 2.22 now.. Nuff said, See you tomorrow, and I wish you the most amazing day (and if it’s shitty, so be it. That’s life sometimes. But know that the great day will taste even better when it comes, because it will come if you let it come )


Quote of the day:

Dream Big. Start small. But most of all, start. – Simon Sinek.

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