Talking to strangers – Time for the weekly Challenge #34



Time for the weekly Challenge #34 – Talking to strangers

And it’s as straight forward as it can be – talk to 10 strangers whom you’ve never talked to before.

Why, you may ask? And I’ll answer – Because it’s such a great skill to be able to talk with anybody, anywhere. To not feel anxiety or nervousness for striking up a conversation with some random person at the street; someone you may be attractive to, a friendly face or maybe a famous person that you’d like to get to know. If you can learn how to do this, you’ll have a much easier time doing it when it comes to an environment when you may be forced to in another way– a party, business event or any other kind of social event you are attending. Plus, it’s really fun when you lose that anxious feeling and you realise that it doesn’t you in anyway – it only makes you stronger!

So the objectives are as follows:

Talk to ten new people you’ve never talked to before. As longs as you approach someone and speak a sentence, you can count it in. But if you are to count people you meet in stores or other service environments, you have to make some kind of extra effort to count them; not just saying thank you polite. Then again, you decide how hard you want to make this challenge.

  • One last thing, I really encourage you to not overthink your approaches, play by the three second rule (when you see a person you want to talk to, count to three and then just do it). Time i your worst enemy when approaching new people. Makes you talk yourself out of doing it. And secondly, I really would like for you to have some failed approaches, awkwardness, rejection, you know what I’m talking about. it is such a good learning to get used to that – rejection – I want you to realize that it won’t kill you, it will only make you stronger, if you let it. There will always be people out there that won´t like you, that’s just the reality we’re living in. And the sooner you can live with that, the better your social game will be.

So go out there, talk to new people, fail, talk to some more, but above all, have fun doing it! J

P.S This was actually one of the first challenges I put together ( ). But it’s time to go at it again, because a gained skill will only remain so if it’s refreshed once and a while. Plus, no one will a perfect the art of speaking to strangers in a week – it’s a lifelong practiceJ


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