The Happy Week – Weekly Challenge #27

BRING THE JOY – The happy week: Weekly challenge #27
Alexander Nilsson

It’s time for this week’s challenge – The happy Week – bringing joy to every situation!

Sometimes it can be hard to control our emotions; some days are bad and some are good, and sometimes it feels like we have no control over it all. But one thing is true, we can actively choose what perspective we want take on when we look at things. It may sound cliché, but a glass is in fact either half full or half empty. It’s like choosing an Instagram filter – to you want a happy saturated look or a depressing black and white. Now I’m not saying that those pictures can’t be beautiful, but I thing you get the picture! It’s simple; what you focus on, you will get. The thing is, neither of the perspectives change anything from a factual perspective, both are equally truth. But how you interpretative and act on it makes all the difference, we just have to get that it is all in our head. If something bad happens to me, I always tell myself that it was meant to be, and I make sure to actively look in that situation for how it can benefit me. I’m not saying it’s easy, or actually it is once you’ve learnt, but it does require some practicing to get used to! But when we manage to do this, life gets so much more fun!

Because this isn’t the one thing that will fix all your problems, this is a happy filter that makes your life better. To continue with the picture references; if your picture shows a ball of dust, out of focus, in a wardrobe – you will still have a pretty shitty picture no matter how happy filter you on. It’s the bigger things; doing something you love or fulfils you; having good relationships; health and wellbeing – those are the bigger things you need to make you sure you have in order – or are working towards. Because a happy filter is no more than a filter than adds that extra touch. And and nice filter can inspire you to work towards getting better motives on your future pictures!

So, we are going to be super happy by actvley having a mindset of looking for the good things in all the situations we are in throught the week. For some practical tips for how to do that, you can read about or listen to Brendon burchards video/podcast on “how to bring the joy” here:

See you in the vlog!
– And commit to me in the comments if you want to join this challenge!

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