The unproportional amazing value of doing something uncomfortable

Tuesday! And I just had my second live stream of this week where I talked about my little daily quest that happened an hour ago. in other words – I feel great!

What did I do? Well I approached a girl at the subway station with the intention to practice some social skills and be a bit flirty. And the whole thing might have ended up costing my 860 SEK. If you want the details you just have to watch the live stream in replay yourself.

BUT what I do want to emphasize is the MAGIC of doing these small little uncomfortable challenges on a daily basis. It really adds so much excitement to the everyday life. I was kind of drained of energy and exhausted before talking to this girl – afterwards I just felt great, and still do.

It’s fascinating to me how such a small thing like being a bit uncomfortable and flirt some with a stranger can add so much excitement to the day. And it doesn’t have to concern “flirting”. When I did my Christmas calendar this December turned out to be such a blast (one challenge each day for 23 days where I was supposed to prove to myself that I didn’t care what people thought of me)! Now it for sure also was a hustle, but I have so many great moments to look back at. It makes me smile in this very moment just thinking about it. I’m so convinced that those truly great moments, only comes after some kind of effort was invested to reach that moment. The greater the effort, the greater the emotional reward. Food never tastes as good as after you’ve worked out hard to earn that extra peace of treat.

I have a naive hope for what the people living on this world can accomplish.

The beauty of all these small little challenges I’ve done, is how little time they actually took. Of course, they required a whole lot of willpower and varying degree of anxiety to live through before pulling the trigger. But the actual execution often only lasted a couple of minutes – yet they gave me so much in return. So much. Connection, joy & laughter, great moments to look back at, social skill development and so much self-esteem growth for doing what I had set out to do. Perhaps most importantly – hope in people and the joint world we live in. Proof of how much the people we walk by everyday can add to our lives if we just choose to open that door.

Anyways, time to reward myself with some food for today’s efforts:).

Hope all of you had a lovely day, see you tomorrow.


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