Tomorrow I’ve spend two weeks living with my family on the Island I grew up – ÖLAND. It’s been great. But it for sure have tried me at times, family life for sure can be demanding. And my very special relationship to food also has been put to the test. Multiple times. BUT, tomorrow will be my last day, then it’s back to reality.

Although, I almost travelled back to Stockholm a week ago. I missed my Stockholm life, plus I’m way more productive back home. But I forced myself to stay because I know how good it is to get variation in your life. All kinds of variation. Especially environmental changes seem to make most of your regular everyday life get replaced. It relieves you, or forces you, to do things in a different way. A way that makes you experience life in a new way. Objectively good or bad – it doesn’t matter, because on a higher level it’s always good with variation since it leads to new perspectives. At least in my book.

So what’s my point? Well, if this was the case for you as well, act on these new perspectives and insights you’ve got over the Holidays. Decide to make a change if your not satisfied with the way you’re currently living. Put up some 2019 goals, and be serious about pursuing them. Life doesn’t happen to you, you make life happen.

If you have no idea how to go about doing that, here’s a goal setting check list I found that seem’s legit enough to do the trick! Or just write it down on a peace of paper, look at it every day and be sure to constantly check in to see if what you’re doing actually moving you closer to that goal.

Good Luck:)


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