Weekly Challenge #25: Connecting with people – Adding value to conversations

Weekly Challenge #25:  Connecting with people – Adding value to conversations
Alexander Nilsson
September 11th 2016

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s challenge!

As you all know, “connecting with people” is a big area, and that’s why we are going to make it the focus of this month (September) and brake every week down to smaller challenges with that end goal in mind.

Social skills are properly one of top most important things you can develop within yourself with the highest payback. Your job, your friends, and your love of your life – they will all in 99% of the cases come down to your social skills.
One of the common problems we run into when having conversations with people, is the art of balancing the amount of questions we ask, in contrast to actually bring something of our own to the conversation. Personally,
So, this week I’ve been listening a lot to Ramit sethi Social skills advice, a highly successful guy that know this area better than most people. You’ll find YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ramitsethi

In brief, he says: ask two questions, and then make a statement or add something of your own!

I want you to actively think about this during at least two conversations per day, and make some reflection about how it went when you’ve finished the conversation. Of course, next level is to play around with what kind of questions that are engaging, and how you can connect what the person just have said to make a relevant statement about! Depending on what social skill level you’re currently at.

That’s it, that’s all we’re going to do this week! Super simple, now just make sure to follow through and do it.

Commit to me in the comments, or any friend of yours, and let’s do this. If you have any comments or thoughts, don’t hesitate to ask.

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