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Hey guys!

Hope you’ve managed to get some clarity in your goals for 2017 and how to reach them, as this week has been about, finalizing our goalsetting & planning.

This week we’ll implement the new habit of the weekly review, now that’s nothing new for this channel you might say, but in this particular shape it is! Because what I’m talking about concerns your personal development – your weekly evaluation! If you have been listening to my goal setting videos & workshops, you know that I’ve been talking about the importance of having a weekly evaluation to follow up on your goals – a pulse check and course correct if necessary!  But this weekly process doesn’t only concern your goals, it’s a time to reflect on the week that has been and re-ground yourself and get ready for the next week that will come – to schedule!

From now on Every Friday will be a live stream where I firstly go through the challenge of the week in brief, highlights and downers and what the big learnings that can be drawn. That’s the first part of the livestream, the second part is instead focused on each individual – that’s you among others –  effort to reflect on our goals and plan ahead for the week that is to come.

Now there are TONS of different schools on how to go about the weekly evaluation, what questions to ask and in what order to process it. I’ve researched and tried out a bunch of different ones, and In the end, I just think it’s very personal and the only way to find a system that works for you is to start with something, try it out, tweak it, get inspired and eventually you’ll land with something that is perfectly adapted for you. The main idea is simple, elevate yourself from the actions and look at the week and your goals from a bird view perspective. Ask yourself what progress you’ve done and what you haven’t done, and tweak if necessary.

Now to establish a good habit like this, we are using “the habit loop” to design it in a way that will make us crave the habit in the long run:

Weekly Evaluation HABIT:

Que: A time and a place scheduled every week.  (for me it’s going to be Fridays at 18.00 Swedish time, ECT+1h) some people prefer Sundays, but Fridays works best for me. So as soon as I get home from work I’ll be starting to prepare – this will be a holy time scheduled every week!

The Routine: The weekly evaluationGoing through 7 Key area goals, and other important things that may have accord and we need to reflect upon. This Routine will be without any snacks or distractions, the same Album ( TRON – Daft Punk ) and it’s going to be in a maximum of 2 hours. See down below for detailed game plan.

The Reward: Make an awesome dinner with EXACTLY what I want to enjoy to my favourite FUNNY TV-series or with a friend – anchoring the habit with great emotions. I will want to crave this evaluation


Based on a few of these I’ve come up with a structure that covers what I think is most important, now this may not be the way that suits you, but your welcome to follow it as a starting point, if your sceptical I’ve put together a playlist with some videos & links that has inspired me to create it the way I have.


So the outline for ME today will be:


7 Key areas – goal evaluation

  • Have you done what you planned to do this week?
    • If so, why not? Is Course correction necessary; how can you adjust?
    • How did it feel, are you enjoying the process, is it giving you what you hoped it would?
    • Remind yourself of what the Outcome, be specific as specific as possible and then WHY you’re pursuing this goal!
    • What are the next actions and things you’ll do for next week – schedule these!


General weekly evaluation:


  • Go through you mind and EMPTY YOUR HEAD, get things out that you’ve carried around
  • What were your top 5 moments of the week
  • What 3-5 learnings have you experienced this week – growth comes from reflection and adaptation!
  • Plan you schedule for next week, PUT IT IN BLOCKS OF TIME FOR; socializing, workout, etc ( if you havn’t done it already as part of your goals)
  • Is it something in the upcoming week that has been scheduled earlier that isn’t important anymore? Can it be removed?
  • What could throw me of this week, look over the schedule and make time to be mentally prepared for it.
  • Are my priorities in order, or is there something I need to adjust?
  • Empty your planning system from old notes and clutter that’s not relevant, if you want to keep them, store them in a way that doesn’t clutter your daily activites.
  • Celebrate – you just made it through your first weekly evaluation!


Links to other guides:

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How to Plan Your Week | The Art of Manliness https://youtu.be/KNxLNY6yxRI

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