Yet another Fear Facing Wednesday!

Routine #1 – The daily fear facing:

– Letting fun easy going Alex out

Yesterday was kind of a rough day. So many things to do and no idea how to make it all happen in time. It got to me. To my mood and to my social interactions. Today that’s not going to happen. And I started out breaking yesterday’s role by coming into the office and being my genuine happy self.

Speaking up, being energetic, interacting and engaging with people in an easy going way that brings joy and laughter. That’s me when I’m myself and not held back by myself. But often I sink in and let both internal and external shit impact me. Like now with the heavy the workload. It could also be that I’ve just slept bad, and it makes me lose all my energy. And I get stuck in that role. Breaking out of it is both hard and scary. This also relates to being a certain kind of person with certain people, it’s hard to shift that once you’re there.

But today I decided to be that person! And it felt really good, especially in the morning when I had my energy levels up. Then I fell apart some.  But ended it really good as I’ve just sold a couple of things and had some great interactions with some lovely people here! More to it – there’s a new opportunity to be my best self tomorrow?.

– Shared my interests

Had lunch with a new guy. Started talking about interests, and we got to my passion for editing and video making. I didn’t mention the YouTube channel at first, it’s always a tough topic for me to address. I don’t know what it is. Or well, I guess it’s because I’m afraid of what people – COLLEAGUES – would think of a 30-year-old man running around facing fears with a camera. BUT I know that’s just horse shit. That’s not how I intend to live my life. Fear identified – fear faced. I spoke up and it Felt good.

– Giving a stranger a compliment

On my way home, a lady walked past me with a nice hat! So after having identified the fear of interacting with her and saying that – I did so. I love giving genuine compliments. People always get so happy. My boss had this super nice sweater yesterday, which I told him. Not in any way because I’m a suck up, but because I honestly thought so. And he got so happy for me saying so.

Don’t ever hold back on expressing your positive thoughts and emotions.  Or well, I’m sure there are some moments… ?

Routine #2 – Doing  a new thing:

 I always have a 4- minute mini meditation before my evening dinner. Tried having it afterwards this time instead. Was really nice, and it punctuated the meal. Usually, I tend to never stop eating once I’ve started in the evening and now I did. Sweet!

See you tomorrow, Fear facer


P.S. Video of the day that I really needed. Love the feeling it left me with. 5,4,3,2,1.. LOVE LIFE!


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