Sunday fears, starting small… Who knows where it will lead!

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

– 5 km max out. Do I dare to try me? Yes, and with that came a new PR 22:10

– A gut at the gym started talking to me. nice gut I seem around a lot of times. Felt I wanted to interact back, but he’s a super serious weightlifter and that intimidates me a bit. so I pushed the realized fear down. Until I couldn’t anymore and initiated a conversation. It’s fascinating how such a small thing can fill me up with such proudness for doing what’s hard. Also had a giving fun conversation – Bonus!

Routine #2 – New thing

Woke up feeling all tingly and happy after yesterdays “date”. Call it whatever – tea time with a very nice girl! Not used to this, but I like it.


Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

May have pushed myself a bit too hard at the end after running and going to a gymnastic session, I decided to do some deadlifts. Eaches some in my back now. Maxed out. Hope it’ll be okay soon enough!

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