About that pause..

Hey guys,

Can’t help myself. this is like a journal to me. But really need to prioritize. Saturday morning and I’ve been up editing for on an hour.  So much fun. Part 2 of last weeks’ Sunday video when I went out asking for speed dates. Fun fun.

Yesterday went out for an after-work beer mith my friends. Dared myself to try actually have a beer sit down and enjoy it. So afraid of alcohol these days. The beer itself helped to the extent that I wasn’t thinking about being the odd man out, which I otherwise sometimes tend to do when everybody else is drinking and not me.  Anyways this whole thing ticked some identified daily fear boxes and the daily new thing box!

Also faced some squat fears and did a Live stream, and yeah asked a girl out too ( talk more about that in the stream) :

Challenges of the day:

  • Dare to max out in the dumbbell press, see how many reps I can push out with the 36 kg’S. Haven’t tried them before.
  • Controlled eating behaviour, with at least 30 min pause between eating more
  • Talk to at least one stranger

Have fun with your day, Fear facer,



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