A sleepy celebration – How sleep makes your life better

Today I’m going to be lazy. After all, it’s Saturday. Then you’re allowed to give yourself some slack (can you hear how I’m trying to convince myself?). So instead of rambling on about my life, I’m going to contribute this post to celebrate SLEEP. Zzz… BORING!

Ah, dear, wonderful, amazing, snoring sleep. Thank you for returning. This past week I slept like shit, too many big questions floating around on the inside of my blond hairy covered scull (didn’t I just say I wasn’t going to talk about my life?!). But so finally last night I had a good 8,5 hours of lovely sleep. And it was like my whole system had rebooted when I woke up. Freshly scanned for virus, malware, spyware – all my shit had been removed. I could even play out 4k visions. And it was all covered in the free version, didn’t even need to sign up for an email list! Everything is so clear and stunning, and I’m filled to the top with joy and happiness. Life IS effortless. Even my other much needed daily powernaps were skipped (practically do that every day at work).

Enough said, remember – dare to be lazy! That’s all the time I’m going to take from you, and instead share the best video I’ve seen so far on why we need to sleep properly (and I’ve seen a lot as the self-help/wellbeing YouTube junkie that I am).

The worst part about this blog post is that I’m a big of a hypocrite, because I rarely get more than 6 hours during weekdays. HOWEVER, since watching this video 2 weeks ago, I’ve at least made sure to be lying in the bed for 7 hours ( 80% true ). Unfortunately that didn’t help this week..

So here goes, 14 minutes of amazing sleep facts to make you understand that prioritizing more sleep makes life much, much better. And yeah, it’s beautifully edited together and super nicely narrated, enjoy:

YouTube Channel: What I’ve Learned

Video description:

“70% of the articles and books I’ve read on sleep will say something like “Sleep is one of the big mysteries of biology” at least once. While it is not 100% understood, there is a lot that is known about the impressive health, fitness and anti-aging effects of sleep. Sleep is particularly important for memory, mental flexibility, creativity and the development of novel insights. If you’re someone who’s staying up to get more done, you may be sacrificing your chance at sparking that big idea that takes you to the next level. Even for the body, if you’re aiming to gain muscle or just sleep, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by not getting enough sleep.”

WHY Sleep is critical for the Body and Brain | Science of Sleep

And yeah, it’s a part two as well which gives you pratcial tips for HOW to sleep more!

Thanks for being you, since you read my blog, and that I very much appreciate. I guess it feeds my ego, anyways – thanks:)


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