The Win of Failing

Hey, What’s up with you? Me, I’m happy. I’m in a good mood. Plus, It’s Friday (safe bet on the good mood part) and that means evaluation of this week’s challenge. If you don’t now what I’m talking about, here’s the quick run:

For almost 2 years now, every sunday, I’ve put up a weekly challenge within an area of personal development on my youtube channel. This week I decided to work on my charisma, which meant trying to improve on these body language areas:

– How I use my body and hands

– Having a wide variety in voice and tonality

– How I use my facial expressions

The idea was to practice these skills in all my conversations throught the week. But, especiously going in with a foused mind when having my twice-a-day coffee breaks at work. If you want to se the introduction video, check it out here: link:

So how did it went? Well, not the way I wanted to – had some high expectations of me transforming into this awesome capetating storytelller! That didn’t happen. Bummer. But did I got some practice and good learnings from this experience. The biggest one perhaps getting reminded of the misstakes I’ve done plenty of times before: YOU NEED TO FOUS IN ON DEVELOPING ONE SPECIFIC SKILL AT THE TIME!

That’s just how it is. If you ask how a pro volleyball player practicies to become the best, he’ll tell you how he (she?) brakes down his general goal of beoming “a better player” to tiny digastable processes that can be analysed and improved upon. Like practicing doing a smash. That’s a tiny part of the whole spectra of skills that one needs to be a good player, but still a crucial one. Doing that one thing repetivley, analyzing the results, tweaking and tuning and then just grinding and grinding – that’s how that perfect smash evenetually will be second nature.

And it’s this very approach we need to have when we try to develop our social skills – our Charisma. When I went into conversations this week trying to practice three big bodylangue teqhniques all at the same time, I just got owerwelmed. Instead I should have picked one at the time to focus on and play around with. I shouldn’t have got ‘growth greedy’ (Yeah I just made that up, but damn I’ve been looking for that word for a long time!).

But remember, this is an important lesson that strethes outside social skill development, it’s applicable to all types of personal development. So the learning still have been vaulble this week, and perhaps worth more than the original wanted outcome, altough a toataly different one.

If you want to hear me ramble on a bit more about this, check out my weekly evaluation live stream I did earlier today here:

Now, I wish you a super duper great awesome nice Friday evening.



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