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06:20 – Morning

Week challenge starts –  4.30 early birdy every morning. Actually woke up before the alarm went off. Was in the mood to get some things done. Love this whole approach with getting my important stuff done FIRST, and then just delaying the work day a bit. Getting home later, but allowing myself free time then.

The thing is, I’ll EARN time because I’m usually so unproductive in the evening anyway! Just eating not really getting anything done. The amount of work I got done the last couple of hours is.. BOOM! Love. now let’s hit the gym and see if I can beat my 22:10 time for 5 km… Tried to avoid this. Don’t quite feel in the mood for it. But I’m alright with failing, the scariest part is trying! I’m gonna dare to try myself! OFF TO THE GYM!

BOM – I FAILED! But I love myself for doing that. My run was 22:11, one second slower than my record. But I pushed myself good and made myself so proud. Best fail of the day!

Made me continue the fear facing by going for the cold shower, literally said to myself in the shower -“already faced some fears, might as well continue”.


Later at work – Yeah I fear the Standing desk, so I might as well do that for 1,5 hour too while I’m at it.

Fear of investing time in socializing. Usually, I do my lunch ( if any) in 10 minutes. It’s a fear of mine to take time to do this, beacuse it means I need to stay at work longer = less time for my personal projects when I got home. BUT today I joned for a nice lunch out. Had so much fun and great food. Well spent time.


Dared to say no. For sure was a tough one, but simply didn’t have the time. And I also got a very short response wich I intepret in a bad way, and made me feel worse about it. BUT, i need to keep my prioitze straight and can’t overload myslef. I’d really would have liked to help, but right now wasn’t the moment ( Especioully since the long lunch.. Damwn, can’t blaim that one, then I won’t do it again)


Argh… Day went GREAT until I got home. Have a side project I need to finish by tomorrow. I’ve got tons of hours left. GOt home, started, but It just got to me. didn’t know where to begin. And I feel like a jackass for not having finished this thing WAY back. It’s just.. Hard. Really hard with the material I got to work with. And when I get stressed out like this, I eat. So know I’ve eaten for tho hours. Luckily, I have my week challenge of going to bed early and getting up early. And I know I’m gonna kick as tomorrow morning when I wake up, so I’m not bashing myself too hard about this. But it do was a fail. Got a super sweet comment on my latest video too that changed my mood:). Thanks to everyone that’s supporting me:)


Good night folks, see you tomorrow



P.S. Video of the day, has made me rethink my whole training approach:

Why You Need To Protect Your Joints If You Want to Live to Be 100 | Peter Attia on Health Theory

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