Ground Yourself

Now I know You don’t care shit for this – but what I do publicly, I do so much for my own sake. If I put it out there, it means I need to be true to my word and actually do it. It’s a matter of integrity – matching words and behaviours.

Monday Through Friday I will:

  • Go to bed at 21.15
  • Go up 04.30 and spend the 2 first hours working with you most important PERSONAL projects.  (Like strategizing and working on my Youtube channel)

Need to distance myself from some things I’ve been overeating, but also to make me get some variation into my food:

  • No spicy food.
  • I’m not allowed to go into any stores, focus on what’s important

………ARGH, what’s this thing with not finishing my posts? ( when you read this I went back and finished writing what’s above this section) Just realised I’m trying to avoid my fears. There’s a Fear facing meetup in an hour a few km away I’ve been wanting to attend for some time. BUT, been too scared, to be frank. Today, with the video being released early and all. No excuses. I’m going for it. See you later!

Haha… MAN WAS THAT FUN! So glad I went to the meetup, and I for sure faced some fears. The content will make for a nice video the coming Sunday! But to sum it up really quickly, met some nice like minded people. We all talked and introduced ourselves, and then we went out there and crushed some comfort zones. Recorded the whole experience, which was kind of the scariest part. Asking them if it was alright, and then documenting while doing it all. But the whole fear facing action I took was also super fun! One of the guys decided to lie down in at the busiest people street in Stockholm – Drottninggatan – while doing a live Facebook stream. And my challenge was to get other people to join him there. It went quite well:). PHave patience, and you’ll see the whole thing next Sunday!


See you tomorrow, Fear Facers,


P.S Here’s the weekly Sunday video:)

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